probation officer

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the officer of the court who supervises probationers

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Based loosely on the memoirs of a journalist who served as a temporary probation officer in a London court during WW2 (Stokes 1950), it featured Henry Phipps (Cecil Parker), a middle aged former Colonial Officer newly returned from Africa--as much an "icon of English national identity" as George Dixon (McLaughlin 2005:12)--wondering what uses his skills might be put to.
O'Brien's management of the department, including how bidding for contracts was handled and the ways in which political influence was used in the hiring of probation officers.
While exercising his authority as a probation officer, Walker willfully violated the victims' civil rights by kissing them, touching their breasts, buttocks and inner thighs, and forcing one victim to have sexual intercourse with him when he visited her home as part of his official duties.
Catherine was nominated by colleagues for her commitment to the LCCS project that sees probation officers and magistrates visiting groups to increase understanding about community sentences.
But Pam Furnival, for the probation service said: "The probation officer did not agree to the holiday.
Both lawsuits filed against Walker claim that he used his position as a probation officer to sexually abuse his alleged victims, then threatened the women against disclosing the alleged sexual activity.
One of the benefits is the single case management component that affords the probation officer the opportunity to work with a youth and the family throughout his supervision.
They perform a similar role to probation officers, working directly with clients, but do not have a formal qualification in probation work.
The probation officer is responsible for designing and recommending a program that is appropriate for each individual client.
A CONVICTED pirate has been forced to switch from the Ubuntu Linux OS to Microsoft Windows - so his probation officer can keep tabs on him.
Matt Gwilym is looking forward to his challenging new role as a probation officer.
Police and city leaders this week called for the ouster of the retired Burbank police lieutenant because his comments to a probation officer may have helped secure a reduced sentence for Scott Schaffer, a former public figure convicted of trading guns for cocaine with members of the Sun Valley-based gang.
Can cocky, wise-cracking Juvenile Probation Officer Jack Johnson keep Pat and his buddies from self-destruction?
According to the court, a probation officer had reasonable suspicion that the defendant was subject to a probationary search condition and was violating the terms of his probation, so that the search of his residence conducted by the probation officer with the assistance of drug task force agents was appropriate.
A department regulation permits a probation officer to search a probationer's home whenever a supervisor approves and there are "reasonable grounds" to believe contraband is present.