probate court

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a court having jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the administration of estates

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This will also encourage the facilitation of probate court orders, in line with current enforcement procedures via the Dubai Courts, at an important time for Dubai's business and investment market.
The agreement "gives clear guidelines for the process that will occur when it comes to distributing land or property assets in Dubai for registered wills in the DIFC and will encourage the facilitation of probate court orders, in line with current enforcement procedures via the Dubai Courts.
This latest decision affirms the resolution in the Texas probate court of J.
In the midst of her grieving over the car accident, she may find herself petitioning the probate court for guardianship over her husband in order to gain such legal authority.
11) The probate court judge denied Sundelin's request for a non-compete order, reasoning that a non-compete order was beyond the court's authority.
Because Britney is under conservatorship in probate court, there has to be a hearing about the property, and anyone is free to attend and outbid the current offer.
Your will becomes a public document when it goes through the probate court, which could mean sensitive information being read and exploited by fraudsters.
It may take up to a year for probate court to handle the assets in some cases, with the typical estate taking four months.
In response to the secretary's demand and refusal to allocate, Bradley filed a motion in the state probate court to allocate the settlement between the claims of the survivors and the claims of the estate.
I made this discovery not too long ago when I was introduced to the probate court process and a relatively new service aimed at streamlining deceased debt collection for providers.
But when they went to probate court to iron out the details of the estate, their plans disintegrated.
It significantly changed probate law by allowing specified family members who lived with and provided direct care to a "disabled person" to file a claim in probate court for those services, after the disabled individual's death.
Lawyers for both sides appeared in probate court on Friday, but the case has not been resolved.
10, 2008, letter filed with the New London Probate Court, there was only one account kept in the credit union's name with A.