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the person immediately affected by or concerned with an action

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This seems strange too--unless, of course, the goal is to give clerics a chance to let the ordeal iron cool before the proband handles it.
Clinical laboratories may offer sequencing of the proband only and/or trio sequencing (analysis of the proband and parents) by WES or WGS.
The current study represents one of very few to explore the psychological adjustment of siblings of autistic probands in Hong Kong.
Similar to these reports, our proband was born to consanguineous parents both being carriers of a Robertsonian translocation though no adverse pregnancy outcome was reported in the parents (Figure 1).
Patient's history was recorded using the proforma/questionnaire, especially designed for the study in Marathi and English by meeting the parents of proband in person.
Proband B demonstrated persistent overgrowth, all his growth parameters consistently measuring above the 90th centile with some acceleration of his height and head circumference noted.
The deletion mutation in the proband was observed as del3-44.
Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: comprehensive genetic diagnosis in carrier, proband, and fetus.
the subject's family member or close friend) about the proband.
The team conducted two analyses - one that looked at age differences in siblings, and one that examined the difference in the risk of being a younger sibling versus an older sibling of a proband with violent criminal behavior.
The proband was a 12-year-old girl who presented with short stature and painful knees and ankles (Fig.
The task for the test proband is to decide whether each claim is true or not, and their responses are recorded in the recording sheet.
The apparatuses used are computer assisted and they automatically reduce workload if a proband exceeds his or hers individual threshold.