probability theory

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the branch of applied mathematics that deals with probabilities

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Also in 1956, appeared a treatise on Probability Theory and Applications, co-authored by Onicescu, Mihoc and Ionescu Tulcea, a work distinguished with the State Prize in 1962.
The chapter discusses core concepts in probability theory using examples from finance.
Fuzzy logic is not in competition with mathematical probability theory in the process of evaluating random events.
Probability theory started essentially as an empirical science and developed on the mathematical side later.
The connections between logic, set theory, and proofs about probability, random variables and processes, & inferential mathematical statistics cannot be understated--the better the student's pre-requisite knowledge the easier it is for the student to understand probability theory and flourish in a Probability & Statistics course sequence.
The papers in this volume do not dwell on the minutia of economic theory, but go on to discuss Keynes' philosophical influences and contributions to probability theory.
This book begins with the history of many gambling-related games and activities and then brings out the elementary probability theory behind each of these games and activities.
Although much of probability theory is concerned with figuring out what events are most likely to occur, New York University probability-theory researcher Srinivasa Varadhan focuses on the unlikely outcomes, called large deviations.
Such problems may not be treated appropriately by the classical probability theory.
This book is the only reference of its kind that uses probability theory to quantify the management appraisal process, says the publisher.
5) The eighteenth century saw the flowering of the classical theory of probability theory, beginning with Jakob Bernoulli's Ars Conjectandi, published in 1713, and augmented by a wealth of works by his brother Johann and nephews Nikolaus and Daniel.
Some simple algebra and probability theory is involved; the step-by-step details and highlighted problem-solving charts make Business Case Analysis a superb guideline for readers of all backgrounds to quickly get acquainted with the theories.
Lynch is wrong in his calculation and makes the same mistake that 99 per cent of the population makes, in treating probability theory as little more than a multiplication exercise.
The explanation lies in probability theory, something I worked with during a year-long study of missile and space defenses while on the U.
This introductory text to chance in biology gives the reader an understanding of how to apply the probability theory to make sense of chance events and to grasp the idea of form and function in living things.
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