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descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on events or stimuli or processes that occur subsequently

(of a policy or person or action) controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens

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The Edinburgh-based banking group said that a team was 'preparing systems and processes to proactively refund charges to the group's customer base.' 'All customer accounts that are due a refund will be calculated as accurately as possible' and 'any monies will be accurately accounted for and reconciled,' it added.
As a result, IntruShield customers were proactively protected against these new threats without signature updates.
"With the integration of our PeopleSoft and data archiving solutions, we have significantly improved insight into our own systems and can work more proactively," said Clifford Rizzo, vice president of corporate MIS, Volt Information Services.
Another manager encourages engineers to proactively seek out more work if they are not busy.
* Proactively seek positions to understand and get involved with the enterprise's ECM strategy and implementations.
In a second initiative, Silverstein Properties will form a Contractor's Opportunity Council as part of a strategy to proactively identify M/WBEs, provide them with information about upcoming projects, and help them meet New York State and Port Authority qualifications and accreditations so they can work on projects like the World Trade Center rebuilding.
Certainly, had the school proactively engaged her after her first semester of academic warning, and asked her permission to notify her parents, they might, as a team, have come up with a plan to help her succeed, or help her find a more appropriate college.
The company focuses on Assuring Business Availability(R) for its customers by helping them proactively improve service, reduce costs and increase value to their business.
QuestFiber is a remote fiber testing system that allows the network operations manager to proactively monitor the fiber optic network through the use of domains helping deliver an improved level of quality of service (QoS) and ensuring network security and reliability to a greater degree.
Meanwhile, natural-Hanguage processing helps instant messaging services receive and respond to customer inquiries, while voice processing and synthesis technologies proactively send customer alerts and intelligent voice messages -- all without involving a customer service representative.
The executive says that managing proactively, before economic downturns, reduces the amount of layoffs when times are tough.
However, the entry of skills and the inclusion of a resume, if available, can be particularly helpful during the appointments selection process and will enable the AICPA to proactively contact a member when a new volunteer group is formed that complements that member's particular experience.
While the study gives insight on business school communicators, it also raises a central question for all of us in this profession: If communicators expect to be strategic planners and thus proactively gain parity with management, shouldn't it start with our colleagues who work with administrators, faculty, staff and students in the very schools preparing the business leaders of tomorrow?
The Neighborhood Service Team worked proactively to identify and provide services that would enhance the lives of individuals living in the target community.