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advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses (especially opposing the legalization of induced abortions)


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While many consider the term pro-life Democrat an oxymoron, Day insists that they are the key to regaining Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.
Ernst's margin of victory is further confirmation that courageous integrity and fidelity to core pro-life values are a winning combination.
Pro-life businessman David Perdue and pro-abortion Michelle Nunn will face off in Georgia.
Nearly six in 10 Americans with postgraduate education call themselves pro-choice and 37% are pro-life -- a 21-point lead for the pro-choice position.
Many voters have been shocked to learn that Senator Santo urn, often considered to be the most stalwart of pro-life politicians, had voted to subsidize abortion and Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in America.
These authors argue, however, that parental control of children's education is undermined by random exposure to STT images, which is a violation of pro-life insistence on parents' right to be the first educators of their children.
I'm sure that Pro-Life Wisconsin's Legislative Director Matt Sande would want to be the first to submit to this requirement.
The community created by "Leftout" has perhaps helped alleviate that sense of isolation, but it hasn't exactly resulted in an explosion of pro-life progressive candidates on U.
Even if mifepristone had no effects other than the one for which it's intended, pro-life organizations would continue to argue for its prohibition.
The amount spent by groups such as the Pro-Life Movement and the Pro-Life Alliance dwarfed the cash spent by the pro-choice lobby.
In previous studies, demographic variables such as religion, race, and education have been found to be consistently related to pro-life attitudes (Jelen, 1988).
When the Catholic bishops launched the right-wing religious movement in the United States with their Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities on November 30, 1975, there was no right-wing religious consensus around which to unite.
As someone who works in the field of conflict resolution, I see no possibility of negotiating a settlement on the basic issue of abortion as long as the pro-life side sees abortion as murder and the pro-choice side believes that women have a fundamental right to choose.
In addition, the clinic's highly outspoken owner makes her home in Melbourne, as does the leader of Operation Rescue, a national pro-life organization.
In their article on the contemporary practice of perinatal medicine by physicians with pro-life world views, Jeffrey Blustein and Alan Fleischman explore five "strategies" for the maintenance of such perinatologists' integrity.