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advocating a woman's right to control her own body (especially her right to an induced abortion)


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Kathy Dawson, an ARCC board member and a member of the Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition said, "We will be monitoring the development of new policy to ensure that [so-called] 'crisis pregnancy centres,' anti-choice political groups, and other antiabortion organizations do not receive further funding from this or other government programs.
By contrast, in the earliest years Gallup asked this, in 1995 and 1996, there was greater attachment to the pro-choice label, with 56% and 53%, respectively, identifying as such.
Okay, I get that pro-choice is "outdated" and that younger people are not big on "labels," but the rest of her quote is gobbledygook.
Brad Avakian is the pro-choice champion Oregon deserves," the group said.
Ollie Wannell, a pro-choice advocate, (Cardiff's postgraduate officer and a past union vice president) sums up democracy in action, when he spoke against the motion at the meeting, said, " I believe that those who are pro-life should have an equal opportunity to voice their opinion and enter the debate on an equal level with me.
She also mulls the elephant in the room for many on the pro-choice side.
STATION OF THE CROSS Pro-choice demo at Connolly Station, Dublin, yesterday
We start a conversation with something as simple as "The pro-choice and pro-life labels don't reflect the conversation that's happening today.
There's just one opportunity to elect a pro-choice Democratic woman governor in 2012, and it's in New Hampshire, where former state Sen.
But, while attempts to roll back access to abortion and contraception services -- in particular, the morning-after pill, which is often incorrectly identified as an "abortion pill" -- are associated almost exclusively with Republicans, Gallup reports the decline in pro-choice views was seen across the political spectrum.
Combs is anti-abortion but pro-choice, and has said Roe v.
I am also not blind to the historic racism and classism in the pro-choice movement, and I believe that to ignore pro-choice's sordid history is to repeat it.
Please let me comment on the letter from Frank Russo (NCR, June 12) in which he compares pro-choice leaders with Hitler.
The invited listeners (only administration officials spoke) reportedly were dozens of leaders from the pro-choice and pro-life movements.
The numbers correspond with FOX News polls this month showing 49 percent of Americans as pro-life and 43 percent as pro-choice on abortion.