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advocating a woman's right to control her own body (especially her right to an induced abortion)


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Pro-choice advocates speak of the human fetus as if it were a body part -- an arm, leg, organ, etc., which is an incorrect assertion.
A spokeswoman for the Pro-Choice group, which was formed in response to the pro-life group, said: "It was a difficult situation as AUSA legally had no choice but to offer them affiliation despite the fact students had voted overwhelmingly not to allow it.
Kira Schlesinger, Episcopal priest and author of Pro-Choice and Christian: Reconciling Faith, Politics, and Justice, wouldn't be surprised.
Kathy Dawson, an ARCC board member and a member of the Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition said, "We will be monitoring the development of new policy to ensure that [so-called] 'crisis pregnancy centres,' anti-choice political groups, and other antiabortion organizations do not receive further funding from this or other government programs."
adults consider themselves pro-choice on the abortion issue, while 46% consider themselves pro-life.
Just to be clear--which the headline is not--Richards and her organization "ditched" the "pro-choice" label several years ago.
"Brad Avakian is the pro-choice champion Oregon deserves," the group said.
"In the pro-choice movement, we advocate using logic, reason and the strong values of our issue rather than glitter."
Ollie Wannell, a pro-choice advocate, (Cardiff's postgraduate officer and a past union vice president) sums up democracy in action, when he spoke against the motion at the meeting, said, " I believe that those who are pro-life should have an equal opportunity to voice their opinion and enter the debate on an equal level with me.
That, and pro-choice feminists can surely appreciate the miracle and wonder that is early fetal life, even as they advocate for a woman's right to make decisions about her body.
PRO-Choice activists arrived back from the North yesterday with the abortion pills which are denied to women in the Republic.
There have been a number of unsavoury incidents involving pro-choice campaigners too.
Increasingly, the broader public--and particularly young adults--also no longer self-identifies as "pro-choice" or "pro-life." When Gallup released its annual poll using these terms, some media outlets rushed to report that the number of pro-choice Americans was in a sharp decline.
But no Maggie supporter has come close to ticking off the Professor's peeps as much as Emily's List, the PAC that says it wants to help elect pro-choice women Derns.