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as a formality only


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in a set manner without serious attention

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In the wake of prominent accounting scandals involving well-known firms such as Enron and WorldCom, and widespread allegations that firms opportunistically use pro forma numbers to mislead investors, legislators responded with tougher disclosure laws that build on the antifraud provisions of prior legislation, such as the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.
* Volume grew 10 percent on a pro forma basis from the year-ago period, with gains in all divisions and all regions, led by double-digit gains in U.S.
Excluding Linde AG purchase accounting impacts and other charges, adjusted pro forma income from continuing operations was $1,000 million, up 11[??] versus prior year adjusted pro forma and 8[??] sequentially.
The purchase price calculation presented herein has been made solely for the purpose of preparing this Unaudited Pro Forma Financial Information.
Also, the company expects its capitalised product development and software expenses in 2019 to exceed the previous year's level on a pro forma basis.
'EY issued its reports on Sept 30, 2016; July 12, 2017; and May 23, 2018 in respect of the pro forma balance sheets as at Dec 31, 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively,' it explained.
The affirmation and removal of the RWN reflects greater clarity around Brunswick's business mix, capital structure and financial policy, pro forma for the Power Products acquisition and the spin-off of its Fitness segment.
This study also compares the magnitude of rounding manipulation of reported pro forma earnings with that of GAAP earnings of all the profit firms listed on U.S.
Let's take a closer look at how to be both optimistic and realistic in creating a Pro Forma.
Pro forma operating income for the quarter ended July 2 at Ahold USA gained 7.6% to about $242 million.
When the company released its financial statements, it provided pro forma earnings, which it referred to as adjusted consolidated segment operating income (adjusted CSOI).
Following the release of their respective H1 results and, according to a statement from the banks, 'in line with transparent disclosure around the announced merger between the two', FGB and NBAD have jointly released pro forma financials.
What really impressed about the company Q4 were its pro forma results.
Adjusted net Income was USD19.2 million, or USD0.26 per diluted share on a pro forma basis, compared to adjusted net income of USD17.1 million, or USD0.24 per diluted share on a pro forma basis in the same period last year.
Maryland, USA-based hotel REIT RLJ Lodging Trust (NYSE: RLJ) said that its Q1 '13 pro forma RevPAR increased 10.6% while pro forma ADR increased 6.7% and pro forma occupancy increased 3.7%.