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a square ring where boxers fight

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And it is useless to deny that, through the great masses of men who form that understratum, there is a deathless interest in these contests for physical superiority, whether expressed in a battle between two ships-of-war upon the sea, or opposing armies upon land--or, on a smaller scale, between two trained specimens of humanity in the prize ring.
Since in both the prize ring and the stage situations the presence of the audience is a constant and the pugilist/performer is aware of its gaze, the variable would appear to be the absence of the fighting adversary.
In 1870, Jem became the world champion under Prize Ring rules, defeating Tom Allen, the American number one, over 10 rounds in Kennersville, Louisiana.
Then in 1743 the London Prize Ring rules were established, designed to prevent deaths in the ring.
But he had to work rather harder in the end than it seemed he might to get better of Prize Ring.
Parsifal was just denied an all-the-way success in the final race as he was collared on the line by the fast finishing Prize Ring.
The LJJ Contractors Novices' Hurdle, worth pounds 3,400 in added prize money, attracted 49 entries at pounds 10 a time, but only one horse was declared at yesterday's overnight stage - Prize Ring, trained by George Moore.
That was Prize Ring, trained at Middleham by George Moore.
If Will Smith ventured into the prize ring against even a middling professional boxer he would be knocked unconscious.
The play, dealing with a gifted son of Italian immigrants who deserts music for the quicker rewards of the prize ring, illuminated the tragedy of the American drive for success.
DERRY MATHEWS insists that the loyal support of his vocal fanbase has encouraged him to return to the prize ring.
This was the last title fight to take place under London Prize Ring Rules.
Numerous challenges have been exchanged between the two pugilists during the last three years, and the fight on Wednesday was regarded as one of the greatest battles in the history of the prize ring, a battle which made the capital of the state of Nevada, the centre of interest to the sporting fraternity throughout the world.
The Prize Ring must always mean much more than mere brawling.
Sandabar returned from a lay-off of more than six months to run a sound race in defeat here last week when beaten by Prize Ring.