privilege against self incrimination

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the civil right (guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution) to refuse to answer questions or otherwise give testimony against yourself

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The Supreme Court held that custodial interviews create a psychologically compelling atmosphere that countermands the Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination.
23) At the very least, restricting the privilege against self incrimination facilitates an inquisitorial system of justice.
The ironic part is that this has occurred in the country of origin of the privilege against self incrimination.
For analyses of the origins of the common law privilege against self incrimination, see John H.
CIV-99-1294-PHX-ROS) against Southwest Gas Corporation, Lewis Phelps, a senior member of Sitrick & Company, Southwest Gas' public relations firm and Southwest's primary contact, took the Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination a total of 354 times in response to questions related to Phelps' work for Southwest Gas in its failed merger.