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hedge of privet plants

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By the way, top of the bill at the Fiesta that night was Englebert Humperdinck, who had sideburns like a privet hedge.
Having made the running and travelled strongly into the straight in the prestigious 32Red-sponsored two-miler, Colour Squadron started to hang left from two out but at that stage had Sandown's privet hedge to prevent him doing serious damage.
A COUPLE harassed their neighbours by cutting a privet hedge "obsessively", a court heard yesterday.
One of the major triumphs of the day was the successful felling of a stubborn ten foot privet hedge on the site.
And on November 5 he appeared from behind a privet hedge on a footpath in Annfield Plain at 8.
On Saturday (May 3), a sedge warbler was singing in a privet hedge in a fairly built-up area of nearby Dingle.
The bed where the tomato is growing used to be home to a privet hedge, but Siracusa got tired of its predictability and removed it, scattering some old packaged seeds in its place.
A KEEN gardener was shot dead by his next-door-neighbour after a row about a privet hedge.
But after we found an egg case attached to a stem in our privet hedge and hatched it in a glass jar, the threat was gone.
Beech a real peach for a sharper shape 6 There's always been a privet hedge in our front garden.
Earlier this year another street lamp on Councillor Pocock's patch hit the headlines when residents found it had been erected inside a giant privet hedge.
The idea that a privet hedge and a private school can immunise a young man against hot-headedness is pie-in-the-sky.
The railings were painted all different colours and the privet hedge had been cut in the shapes of animals and fruit.
My father's pride and joy was his manicured lawn and he also had a big shaped privet hedge.
The long private garden is mainly lawned with a variety of bushes and trees, brick walls to the sides and a privet hedge.