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There may be a change from possession to privation, but not from privation to possession.
For 'Socrates has sight' is the opposite of 'Socrates is blind' in the sense of the word 'opposite' which applies to possession and privation.
Par contre un constat plus marquant, est le niveau de privation par rapport au logement.
For another, adding that this, the possibility of a symmetrical privation relation, need not make either the good or the bad negative, also seems inimical to what she should be promoting, negative Forms.
blindness is the privation of sight) as accidents that God created continuously in a body.
The notion that evil is not simply a privation but a privation of a due good has roots in Aristotle's Metaphysics and implications for other areas of his thought.
However, Esdaile's thematically organized chapters dissect not only how women survived on a day-to-day basis in the midst of war and occupation but also how men portrayed women artistically for their own purposes; the motivations women held for the choices they made; the tools at their disposal to accomplish their goals; and finally, the effects that the trauma of war, privation, death, and suffering had on them.
En tout cas, le malaise est intervenu au soir du premier tour des elections municipales partielles en Italie, pour lesquelles il a pu voter a nouveau apres trois ans de privation de ses droits civiques a la suite d'une condamnation pour fraude fiscale.
The project, supported by Riverside Farmers' Market, left on St Valentine's Day to deliver its message of love and solidarity to the thousands of refugees enduring appalling conditions in makeshift camps in northern France, as they flee war and privation in Syria,Afghanistan, North Africa and other conflict zones.
Cela signifie que, d'une part, la [beaucoup moins que]procedure nationale selon laquelle la privation de liberte a ete imposee doit etre en conformite avec la convention europeenne des droits de l'homme de 1950, [y compris aux principes generaux enonces et impliques par elle][beaucoup plus grand que] (CEDH, 25 juin 1996, Armur c.
s fourth model is Augustine's "evil as the privation of good.
Yassir Mergani Al-Amin a indique que consommateur souffre beaucoup des sanctions internationales imposees sur le Soudan , en particuliere en ce qui concerne la technologie et les medicaments , une chose qui considere une privation des droites de l'homme le plus simple tels que la sante et la communication.
sera organisee dans quelques instants pour denoncer la violence et la privation de la region de Guetar en matiere de developpement.
Office bearers and employees of WAPDA collectively rejected the privatization of electric companies and appealed the prime minister of Pakistan to take back privation decision and end the corruption.
In articulating the nature of this morning work, we may discover that the private is not the privation we are often disposed to believe it is.