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a school established and controlled privately and supported by endowment and tuition

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BEIRUT: Former president of Lebanon's private school teachers' union Nehme Mahfoud Tuesday warned that education in the country would be threatened unless the salary scale was applied to private schools teachers.
by Times News Service The Ministry also published its regulation on issuing licenses for individuals who want to establish private schools.
Some private schools are even closing because they can't catch up, they are losing teachers especially the very good ones,' she said, noting that some private school teachers in towns outside Metro Manila receive a meager income of P6,000 or three times less than what public school teachers get.
Education Minister while issuing directions to all private school owners said that Punjab government will not give permission to hold summer camps in the schools if the owners of private schools want to hold summer camps then they will not take fee from children or otherwise they will face stern action.
KARACHI -- Associations representing private schools in Sindh on Friday rejected a seven-day extension in the summer vacation, announced by the provincial government yesterday.
There are around 30 schools in Abu Dhabi that offer premium private school education (Dh30,000 and above), 12 of which are in the B and A (high performing) category.
Parent Kamal Anjad, 37, who has two children at a private school, said: "Making private schools admit children with special education needs or disabilities and give them full curriculum is really a fantastic thing.
To "improve" the state of private schools in the country, FAPSA reiterated their call to the creation of the "Bureau of Private School.
Dubai: Despite Emiratis having free access to education in public schools in Dubai, almost 60 per cent of them still choose to attend private schools, where fees can reach more than Dh45,000 per year.
For example, in Japan, as a recent newspaper article describes (Cain, Global Post, May 24, 2013), due to a huge decline in the population of potential college students after the 1990s, a typical objective of College Board members at a private school will increase the nominal number of students instead of raising relative demand.
Naik Wali Shah, a 10th class student at another private school "Khairul Ns" said most of their teachers were foreigners, who taught them all subjects in English.
Specialists from the University of Nizwa and a number of private schools participated in the seminar in the presence of specialists and interested personnel in the private school sector in the Sultanate.
GE-lan noted that currently only 55 percent of the spots at private schools are filled due to a lack of private school students and said the state should first pay for students to fill the remaining spaces at existing private schools before asking prep schools to convert to private schools.
Impressively, nine out of 10 random-assignment studies, considered the gold standard of scientific research, show statistically significant academic benefits for students using scholarships to attend private school.
The procedure followed by the ministry, under The Private Schools and Institutes Law, stipulates that the ministry must carefully examine each accusation made on the illegal operation of a private school, and must subsequently refer the case to the police, who bear the responsibility of the investigation and referral of any illegal activity to relevant judicial authorities.
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