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a road leading up to a private house

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The woman who alerted the police, who did not wish to be named, said: "We are not on double yellows and there's nothing to say it is a private road.
J & T Properties (J & T) appealed a decision by the district court that granted Daniel Gallagher a private road across land it owned.
The property, called Clover Hill Farm at 525 Harris Road, is located down a private road with a 7,000-square-foot main house, heated pool, artist studio, stable, plus two guesthouses.
Patna, Sep 2 (ANI): About 400 armed Maoists attacked a plant owned by a private road construction firm and kidnapped six security guards on Wednesday in the Jamui district of Bihar.
How 12 Immigrants Made Billions" tells the story of a dozen immigrants who each traveled their own private road from rags to riches.
They have put down Tarmac to repair this private road but it has raised the level.
The teenager is believed to have been car surfing on top of a vehicle that was being driven by an 18-year-old woman when he fell backwards onto a private road in an area called Chesterton, near Harbury, Warwickshire.
The images of Mark Gibney, 40, were shown by North Wales Police Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom at a private road safety briefing for journalists.
MOORPARK -- Lowell Withington must have driven over the railroad tracks on the private road near his home more times than he could count.
Roth provides solid evidence that private road construction is done more efficiently and that private roads are better managed and maintained.
The 37-story, 1,096,067 s/f building features a private road and 24-hour, on-site security and management services.
Gary Morgan, 37, from nearby Badger Cottage, was found in the driver's seat of his blue Nissan Micra car by a passer-by on a remote private road near his home at Stanton St John, Oxfordshire.
The swanky three-storey home on a private road in Cobham, Surrey, has seven bedrooms, two bathrooms, three reception rooms, and a giant plasma TV screen.
if the licensing goes forward, the aggregate from the existing and the proposed operation will be removed through a private road onto the more suitably constructed Highway 69 North.
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