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Tell your child that no one should take pictures of their private parts.
Not guilty: |Eifion Evans, 47, was accused of touching a 19-year-old's private parts
Another parent, Julie Abbott, 45, said: "One of my son's friends was told to go home because his trousers were too tight across his private parts.
She is my daughter's age and if she saw me touching my private parts, I was just fixing the bottle," he said.
Upon thorough inspection, Penera found a condom containing 20 pieces of cigarettes inside her private part.
The magazine first posted the photo in extreme get up and then quickly replaced the picture with a new version where the singer's private parts were camouflaged by a reindeer.
The accused denied the charge that she was carrying cocaine capsules in her baggage, but admitted to hiding capsules in her guts and private parts as she did not know what exactly they contained.
In this rare incident of brutality, a man allegedly locked his wife's private parts for four long years to prevent her from getting involved in sexual act with others.
Q My 4-year-old son is curious about what private parts too like.
Fresh from sarcastically advocating more fear, and calling out Springs residents for assuming the worst, we now report that Dubai Modern High School is educating kindergarten pupils to "protect their bodies, including private parts," according to Gulf News.
The youngster accused Mohammed Anjum of exposing his strangely glitter-flecked private parts to himself and a young girl.
A boy of seven accused the pervert of locking him in a room before taking off his clothes and fondling his private parts.
RANCHI, May 14, 2010 (Frontier Star): In a hair-raising incident, a husband stitched the private parts of his wife with wire in Jharkhand's Dhanbad city after her request to visit her parents enraged him, police said Friday.
But that didn't stop a twisted Birmingham City Council carer from abusing her position by allegedly massaging his private parts.
But the same rules do not apply to piercing more private parts.