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completely free from dirt or contamination

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immaculately clean and unused

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The Saracens captured and pillaged Genoa nine hundred years ago, but during the following century Genoa and Pisa entered into an offensive and defensive alliance and besieged the Saracen colonies in Sardinia and the Balearic Isles with an obstinacy that maintained its pristine vigor and held to its purpose for forty long years.
Kurt had also lost something of his pristine freshness.
And what, during this same period, had shorn the waters of the Thames of their pristine grandeur?
Coolly she had squatted on her hams, spat on his arm, and with her finger-tips scrubbed away the dirt of days and nights of muck and jungle that sullied the pristine whiteness of his skin.
Captain Jim had the gift of the born storyteller, whereby "unhappy, far-off things" can be brought vividly before the hearer in all their pristine poignancy.
Thus fable reports that the fair Grimalkin, whom Venus, at the desire of a passionate lover, converted from a cat into a fine woman, no sooner perceived a mouse than, mindful of her former sport, and still retaining her pristine nature, she leaped from the bed of her husband to pursue the little animal.
Having frequently been in presence of the enemy, or, in other words, faced the ladies at Cheltenham and Bath, our friend, the Collector, had lost a great deal of his pristine timidity, and was now, especially when fortified with liquor, as talkative as might be.
But his intellect, though it had lost its pristine vivacity in the benumbing years of sedentary exposure to the weather, lacked not independence or sanity.
Having taken up arms and resorted to deeds of violence, with the great main object of preserving the Old Bailey in all its purity, and the gallows in all its pristine usefulness and moral grandeur, it would perhaps be going too far to assert that Mr Dennis had ever distinctly contemplated and foreseen this happy state of things.
But although the bodily powers of the great man were thus impaired, his mental energies retained their pristine vigour.
Doran Hole has been named as new chief financial officer by Solar developer Pristine Sun.
com)-- Pristine Environments, a leading provider of smart facility and intelligent energy solutions, announced today that it has hired Drew DeFalle to be the company's Senior Director of Business Development.
PRyE[currency]TyNE (CyHAN)- The 4th Turkish Jazz Week in Kosovo which was organized by Turkish embassy in Pristine ended with grandioso concert of famous Turkish Jazz singer Sibel KE[micro]se's concert on Saturday night.
If you're an egg perfectionist, this topper pulls a neat cap of shell of in one movement and movement and leaves you with a leaves you with a pristine egg ready pristine egg ready for dipping.