prisoner of war

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a person who surrenders to (or is taken by) the enemy in time of war


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Erich said he is still recognised around Huyton today and thinks a lot more people know about Huyton's Prisoner of War camp now than in previous years.
Stroud, as well as extracts from the personal diary he kept during his days in captivity), "Prisoner of War Number 2378" is his detailed account ranging from his early days as a young twenty-year-old joining the Royal Air Force to his day-by-day life as Japanese prisoner of war.
Patrick Geeleher, from Old Swan, said his grandad, Harry Hill, spent 31/2 years in a prisoner of war camp in Japan.
Lisa Cooper got in touch from the other side of the world in the hope of learning more about Luke Holden whose name she discovered in the Second World War diary of an unknown Australian prisoner of war and is believed to be a pal who shared the horrors of the Kobe camp in Japan at the time.
Gaijin: American Prisoner of War follows Koji before, during, and after the camp, when (many years later) he reunites with his father in Japan.
They are: Amir al-Shamas and Ayman Etbaish from Hebron province, while the third prisoner was identified as Kefah Hattab from Tulkarem, who is on hunger strike to demand recognition as political prisoner (or prisoner of war) by Israel.
Now the grave of Private Frank Bower and those of 38 other British soldiers, who died in a German prisoner of war camp during the First World War are being restored, 100 years after the start of the con[euro]ict.
From German prisoner of war to American citizen; a social history with 35 interviews.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- On 26 August, delegates of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited an Azerbaijani prisoner of war interned in Armenia since July 2012,said in report of organization.
Faridkot: Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh's killing in a Lahore jail has left the family of another prisoner of war in Pakistan, a worried lot.
Former World War II prisoner of war Eric Lomax passed away yesterday.
As a US Army veteran serving during World War II, he was a prisoner of war, having been captured in the Hurtgen Forest in Germany.
South Sudan also "calls on Khartoum to release the 7 SPLA members it holds as prisoner of war, if they have not been killed" the same Twitter account reported.
If anyone had a morsel of bread he gave it to me," Ibn Ishaq, an early biographer of the Prophet (peace be upon him), wrote quoting a prisoner of war.
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