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exhibiting spectral colors formed by refraction of light through a prism

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Venerable hunter, you have often witnessed similar prismatic experiments--"
Notwithstanding what may be called in these pages the Pruney and Prismatic nature of the family banquet, Mr Dorrit several times fell asleep while it was in progress.
The Kenworthy diamonds were taken in broad daylight, during the excitement of a charitable meeting on the ground floor, and the gifts of her belted bridegroom to Lady May Paulton while the outer air was thick with a prismatic shower of confetti.
Based on Liteye's new patented prismatic optic, the new 700 series HMDs also take advantage of the company's patented universal mount, which lets users locate the display in virtually any position.
Prismatic Powders manufactures over 6500 custom powder coating finishes and is the leader in custom coatings.
The prismatic shape of the building is clad with a curtain wall facade of insulating glass panels set in a framework of steel tubes.
Lucky DeBellevue is known for his mysterious, startlingly prismatic pipe-cleaner sculptures.
Further, the company is highlighting the latest expansion of its Illuminex display film portfolio with the addition of new proprietary Illuminex ADF film - a prismatic film that can boost screen brightness by up to five percent while hiding moire and defects.
The Base Will Be Of Retro Reflective High Intensity Prismatic Grade Sheeting In Blue Colour Pasted On 2Mm Aluminum Sheet And The Message / Letter / Figure Will Be Retro Reflective High Intensity Prismatic Grade Sheeting In White Colour.
com)-- SUNOPTICS, the world leader in high performance prismatic daylighting systems, is pleased to announce the introduction of their new CLEAR ARMOR[R] Polycarbonate Prismatic Skylight to their Signature Series line of high performance prismatic skylights.
The luminaires have a translucent prismatic glass diffuser, in three sizes, internally coloured in white, yellow, blue or grey.
Given that Segall's work of this period remains as figural as anything in his oeuvre, it is startling to come upon his late flirtation with abstraction, here represented by Forest with Glimpses of Sky, 1954, a luminous, prismatic grove of trees viewed close-up.
Luci offers photo mats, Prism Prismatics Borders that coordinate with Prism Prismatic Packs.
It feels more like the early '60s reimagined with a prismatic lens accommodating an aesthetic orientation more in tune with that of Calvin Klein-esque, Pawsonian "minimalism.