priority processing

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data processing in which the operations performed are determined by a system of priorities

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In addition, priority processing, fee exemptions, interim federal health coverage, as well as work and study permits were granted to selected Haitians seeking permanent residence.
Islamic Gold privileges include access to over 29 Mashreq Gold locations strategically located across the UAE, preferential rates on Wakala Deposits, remittances & forex and finance facilities, priority processing of transactions, free ATM/Debit Card, 3 free Marhaba and Golden Class airport services per annum with additional vouchers available at a discounted rate
The next step is to move outgoing priority processing to Portland as well.
U-Freight Holland will see tangible benefits of AEO accreditation including fewer physical and documentary examinations of cargo, priority use of non-intrusive inspection techniques when examination is required, priority processing by Customs whenever security is heightened and "Preferred Trader" eligibility.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistanis desirous of visiting the United Kingdom will now be able to apply on-line, opt for priority processing, but the students will face stricter controls, show more money and higher language proficiency.
The topics discussed include the error repetition phenomenon and its relation to cognitive control, working memory, and aging; updated dual-process theories of memory in old age; emotion-memory interactions in older adulthood; metamemory and the benefits of priority processing and value-directed remembering; and a life-course perspective on biomarkers and memory aging.
The BioPlex 2200 improves workflow with random-access sampling and priority processing.
With a controller-based virtualisation approach, partitioning can be done through cache addressing and port priority processing.
It provides emergency access and priority processing in the local and long distance segments of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), including for wireless calls.
Any skilled individual who works in any of the jobs on the Australian Government's Migration Occupations in Demand (MODL) list, will be given priority processing by immigration chiefs.
Under Australia's point-style system of immigration, workers and trades-people on its skills shortage list are given additional points and priority processing through the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.
A case priority processing system for prohibited personnel practices and whistleblower disclosure cases allowed OSC to process more important cases more expeditiously, according to OSC.
In addition, the Board is adopting sponsorship criteria for the Government Emergency Telecommunications Service program, which provides emergency access and priority processing of local and long-distance calls over the terrestrial public switched network, and for the Wireless Priority Service program, which provides priority routing of cellular calls during periods of severe network congestion.
These criteria are a flexible yardstick that precisely defines a high performance school so that it may qualify for supplemental funding, priority processing, and perhaps bonus points in the state funding procedure.
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