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The knowledge-based process refers to Raytheon's unique six step process--visualize, commit, prioritize, characterize, improve, and achieve--to identify and accomplish productivity improvements to make customer satisfaction and business growth a reality.
Powerful, unique program enables IT Marketers to get an immediate jump on valuable prospects by allowing them to categorize, prioritize, cultivate and deliver highly-actionable leads for their sales force in real-time.
As a result, Preventsys can consolidate more network data and provide customers a complete view of security risk relative to their corporate and regulatory policies, enabling them to prioritize tasks, view a snapshot of risks for critical systems at any given point and automate their compliance reporting.
1 is the latest offering of the Securify Network Security Management System, which combines both a black and white list approach and continuously monitors all network traffic in real time to precisely identify, prioritize, and block to harden the internal network.
Ample's statistical multiplexing architecture prioritizes critical traffic, allowing traffic like VoIP to always get through before low priority traffic.
COA identifies, prioritizes, and recommends appropriate agent action for each opportunity.
It then automatically digests all of it, prioritizes it and makes it actionable -- effectively becoming the manager of managers, and enabling both security and IT operations to track security improvement over time.
By creating customized roles, customers can allow any user to add and track change requests, while the development team organizes and prioritizes project activities around them.
LOUIS -- New Software Application Rapidly Defines and Prioritizes Chemical Series for Follow-Up Screening
By tightly integrating and correlating the threat information provided by Sourcefire Intrusion Sensors and Agents with the network intelligence provided by Sourcefire RNA Sensors, the Sourcefire Defense Center easily prioritizes the millions of security events to determine the most critical events to an organization's business and takes the appropriate actions.
Centauri Business Service Manager(TM) achieves alignment between IT and the business, optimizes critical IT services to reduce costs, improves business efficiency and prioritizes management of resources.
Based on technology proven in more than 450 customer deployments, STM accurately identifies and prioritizes threats by correlating vulnerability data and asset values with real-time events from intrusion detection systems, firewalls, virtual private networks, antivirus solutions, servers, routers, switches and applications.
This network knowledge can than be leveraged in ArcSight's award-winning TruThreat(TM) Real Time Correlation which currently prioritizes and manages threats and attacks across a network by correlating vulnerability scanner data, an asset's business value and real-time alert information.
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