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These projects were prioritized on the basis of contractor's performance, number of beneficiaries, while educational institutions were given special priority.
The percentage of Americans who prioritized the environment swelled to 71% in 1990 and 1991, with the lowest percentage for economic growth occurring in 1990, at 19%.
The prioritized duty-reduction list calls for cutting tariffs to zero on 72 items shipped to China in 2011, 437 in 2012 and 30 in 2013.
patent applications filed with a Request for Prioritized Examination will be placed on an examination track to reach final disposition within 12 months, on average.
The PTO also is permitted under the law to limit the number of prioritized examinations available in any fiscal year to 10,000 requests or less.
We discovered, however, that individual countries have not consistently prioritized population groups for vaccines and antivirals.
The aim of this article is to study how different groups of clients or patients are prioritized within the treatment system for alcohol and drug problems in Stockholm County, and how staff thinks priorities should be set.
The first 3 of the these groups were variously prioritized by the states as high-priority vaccine recipients, but all states consider these 3 groups as the highest priority.
From the analysis came the following prioritized solutions:
Through travels, conferences and numerous industry events, I have had the opportunity to hear from and speak directly with a variety of storage personnel around the world about their own prioritized list of issues they think must be resolved.
Next, the task force prioritized the numerous plans and addressed resource issues.
The assessment identified and prioritized critical operational shortfalls in such areas as:
The OSDL DCL Technical Capabilities is the work of current OSDL member companies and interested individuals and defines over 300 prioritized capabilities.
559,295 will be used to fund prioritized items one (1) though four (4) in Clusters I through VII.
Important processes in each of the four phases need to be prioritized for review in order to improve the performance selected for improvement.