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the superior of a group of nuns

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Legend has it that Robin bled to death after being treated by the wicked prioress at what was Kirklees Priory.
Sister Elizabeth Rolfe-Thomas who has served as prioress since 2008 and as novice director since 2003, was elected to replace the incumbent, Reverend Mother Sister Elizabeth Ann Eckert.
She was also president of the Southdown Institute in Ontario, Canada, and was Prioress of the Adrian Dominican Congregation in Adrian, Mich.
Prior to joining Mercy Health, Sister Donna served 10 years as the president of the Southdown Institute in Ontario, Canada and as Prioress of the Adrian Dominican Congregation.
Critique: "The Wisdom of the Beguines: The Forgotten Story of a Medieval Women's Movement" by Laura Swan (a member and former prioress of St.
Kristina Agur was a motherly, comforting Prioress, performing her part with exceptional maturity and a lovely voice.
One day each week, the prioress shuts herself off, absorbed in a hobby.
Led by Mike, the practical no-nonsense prioress, and Augusta, the grand ancient mystic hermit, they are joined by Gemma, a self-punishing novice, and Arielle, a firebrand jailhouse conversion who was sent there out of rehab by a “sort of angel.
Mother Marie, who had anticipated becoming the new prioress, finds herself with keen disappointment still the subprioress, but she is now under a new superior, Mme.
On the same card, $2,000 yearling Emma's Encore took the Grade 1 Prioress for trainer Allen Jerkens, while Include Me Out earned a spot in the Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic when winning at Del Mar.
The title is a reference to the convent's Prioress Mother Dolores.
The Prioress is said to have sent wagons to the battlefield to retrieve the dead; ?
Barnaby and Jones first become aware that there''s something strange going on at Midsomer Priory when vandals smash a stained glass window, but the prioress, Mother Julian, insists she doesn''t want the police involved.
Between the Prioress' Tale and its Prologue she finds two competing stances with respect to authority and argues Chaucer's implication in each: with the modesty and ineffability topoi of the Prologue the prioress seeks complete evacuation of agency by invoking Mary, whereas the Tale's emphasis on the rote learning of the young martyr "mirrors the voice of the writer or translator who claims a divine gift that enhances the little he has already learned" (147).
The Prioress, Sister Mary, said: "While West Derby has been our home for more than 100 years and we will be sad to leave, we felt it was time to move to a location which will be more compatible with our way of life.