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the output of a computer in printed form

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The Candidates are advised to take a printout of the e-Admit Card well in advance to avoid last minute rush.
The potential for abuse and manipulation of a social networking site by someone other than its purported creator and/or user leads to our conclusion that a printout of an image from such a site requires a greater degree of authentication than merely identifying the date of birth of the creator and her visage in a photograph on the site in order to reflect that Ms.
Are you okay with getting printouts and photocopies from a shop?
Please give a printout of the card information as soon as a new one is issued so that accuracy is ensured and the card holder can check the details and correct if found wrong before leaving the counter.
The truck printouts now also include complete truck details with authority, licensing and safety information at absolutely No Additional Cost.
Preferring Using the Online Syllabus Versus the Printout Syllabus
Users can also use USB memory to save printout data without having a computer on site by using the console and saving it to the laser marker which also enables printing.
When she had a sonogram done eight weeks into her pregnancy, Anthony gazed into the grainy printout and had a vision.
Its fine knots not only lend the image a softly sculptural quality but also recall the pixels of a digital printout, thus finding an analogy between handmade and digital image production.
We were trying to get a printout of some public information from a state agency whose minions weren't being particularly helpful.
The organist, a sensitive and far-seeing person, had a printout of the traditional version of Eternal Father distributed with the Order of Service.
The total body printout included bone density and body fat and provided a graph of chronic disease risk based on percent of body fat.
One senator sent me a printout of a Web page prepared by Washington Headquarters Services, Directorate for Information Operations and Reports which gave the number 1,148 as of Sept.
The LLC will provide the donor with a blue-book printout, along with a disclosure that "the printout does not in any way represent" the LLC's or the charity's opinion as to value.
Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins explores the probability that people will soon be able to obtain a printout of their genome, complete with a prediction of how they'll die, as easily and cheaply as they now get a chest X ray.