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Supply of flex, Vinyal and ink materials for konika 150 flexi printing machine (2nd call)
Dacca Trade Agency at DPS World 2017 represents TandT Industries Corporation (Taiwan) manufacturer of Tai JET inks for textile digital printing, DJET for textile digital printing machine, Cationic Dyestuffs (Taiacryl Brand), Disperse Dyestuffs (Taicron Brand), Acid Dyestuffs (Taiacid Brand), they are the unique manufacturer of acrylic digital printing inks.
The diagnostic measurements in a firm in which the measurement was carried out was to find technical condition and wear of moving parts printing machine He Delberg (figure 1).
The funding has allowed the Stockport-based manufactures of printed tapes and labels to purchase a new, advanced, state of the art printing machine which is expected to improve efficiency and production capability.
Reports revealed that three armed men first threatened the security guard of the office and later opened fire at the computers as well as the printing machines, before set it on fire.
The UV holographic printing machine (YM-ZY Series) is designed for the addition of a holographic pattern or images in register to packaging pouches or similar film-based products, and it is intended for manufactures of flexible packaging which already have a reel-to-reel gravure printing machine.
Council officers consented to the installation of a printing machine so that Labour councillors can keep residents up to date with local news and activity.
NPL is a complete screen printing package introduced by Grafica for the first time in the world which comprises Nano-Print, a 15” x 20” semi automatic screen printing machine, Nano-UV curing machine, Nano-Screen Maker 5-in-1 (which comprises fabric stretching apparatus, screen coating unit, screen exposing unit with metal-halide lamp, screen dryer, screen touch up table) Nano-Sharpener.
Mumbai, India, August 29, 2011 /India PRwire/ - After setting up base in UAE and European market, Grafica Flextronica, Indian screen printing machine manufacturer and exporter, has recently appointed Milford (USA) based RH Solutions LLC as Supplier for North America with immediate effect.
The integrated combination of unwind stands, printing machine, in-line slitting winder and/or off-line slitter-rewinder allows printing on different types of nonwovens to create sophisticated decorative materials that enhance the consumer experience.
5m in a new printing machine and screen-making equipment at its textile printing factory in Helsinki.
The second phase of the project includes developing the new and old printing halls, purchasing a device for sorting colors and transport means and computers, renewing the old printing machine and completing the furnishing of offices in the new offices.
If you are looking for a machine for the production of flooring, back board panels, furniture, or for a small batch production or a laboratory, Burkle has your printing machine.
Installations can send product from the forming process to the printing machine where it is pretreated, printed and dried, and then automatically packaged or sent to the next operation.
Genghis Khan also instituted free trade, introduced the first paper currency, and spread revolutionary technologies, such as a printing machine and the abacus.
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