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an apprentice in a printing establishment

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He was a printer's devil (a typeset apprentice) and a Mississippi river pilot.
Legally blind since birth, Moore began work in newspapers as a 12-year-old printer's devil. At 14, he penned a sports column.
If you want to read about how the grew up and found each other, then you would have to read the first book in this series, "The Printer's Devil" by the same author.
Mog Winter and her long-lost brother Nick are sent to an isolated gothic mansion to live with a distant cousin, only to find themselves in the hands of danger in THE GOD OF MISCHIEF by Paul Bajoria (031601091X, $16.99) a dramatic tale packed with exceptional twists and turns of plot and particularly recommended not only for prior fans of THE PRINTER'S DEVIL, but for any who relished the classic Aiken story WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE.
With the exception of this introductory material, the electronic and print versions are identical; as Spadoni warns, "Let no hand of the printer's devil touch this e-bibliography!"
A printer's devil who became the publisher of our first national newspaper, he editorialized in favor of free public education for all and, of course, going west; and against capital punishment, slavery, imperialism, and (alas) women's suffrage, while hiring a brilliant Margaret Fuller to edit his literary pages and publishing an early draft of Thoreau's Walden.
He started out as a printer's devil in 1889, sweeping the offices and cleaning out the spittoons.
A recommendation from The Bookseller is quoted on the back cover of The Printer's Devil whose front cover shows a Boy's Own scene of adventure, with a ragged-looking boy, a dog and a fleeing man in a stovepipe hat.
In our March issue the printer's devil removed the very last line of Mr.
Seattle's Wiggly World film collective, part of the Northwest Film Forum resource center, is providing one third of the financing through its access to grants, while Willis' production and theater companies, Best 10 Dollar Suit and Printer's Devil, are putting up the other two-thirds via shares in the production through a limited liability corporation.
To leap ahead, let me record that on April 14 he got a job as a printer's devil, and by April 18 was working as a stock clerk.
Reared in Indiana, Bierce became printer's devil (apprentice) on a local paper after about a year of high school.
Guthrie got his first job as a printer's devil on the Choteau Advocate in Montana.
He will also talk about his career writing adventure novels for children, which include The Printer's Devil, set in the criminal underworld of 19th Century London.
Chock full of illustrations, the text follows Sam Clemens from his early days as a "printer's devil" to his Mark Twain days as a "devil's advocate." The work includes summaries of Twain's works, long and short; a filmography; a crossword puzzle based on Twain's colorful quips; a map of Huck and Jim's trip down the Mississippi River; and short takes on long controversies.