printer's devil

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an apprentice in a printing establishment

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He started out as a printer's devil in 1889, sweeping the offices and cleaning out the spittoons.
A recommendation from The Bookseller is quoted on the back cover of The Printer's Devil whose front cover shows a Boy's Own scene of adventure, with a ragged-looking boy, a dog and a fleeing man in a stovepipe hat.
In our March issue the printer's devil removed the very last line of Mr.
Seattle's Wiggly World film collective, part of the Northwest Film Forum resource center, is providing one third of the financing through its access to grants, while Willis' production and theater companies, Best 10 Dollar Suit and Printer's Devil, are putting up the other two-thirds via shares in the production through a limited liability corporation.
To leap ahead, let me record that on April 14 he got a job as a printer's devil, and by April 18 was working as a stock clerk.
Reared in Indiana, Bierce became printer's devil (apprentice) on a local paper after about a year of high school.
Guthrie got his first job as a printer's devil on the Choteau Advocate in Montana.
He will also talk about his career writing adventure novels for children, which include The Printer's Devil, set in the criminal underworld of 19th Century London.
She writes the kind of plays you can't wait to crack open," says director Kip Fagan, who began working with Callaghan more than a decade ago at Seattle's Printer's Devil Theater, which Callaghan calls her first professional-development home.
Starting as a consummate printer's devil who mastered every detail of the book trade, Franklin would still have been celebrated if he had been content to remain a writer/printer.
Printer's Devil is the first book to explore these themes in some of Twain's best-known literary works and in his most daring speculations on American society, the modern condition, and the nature of the self.
Sir Jeremy Morse asks "What loyal printer's devil altered RICKSHAW on p 158 to the non-heterogram KICKSHAW?
Phillips started his career as a printer's devil, and during the Korean War served in Germany as production manager for the European edition of Stars and Stripes.
The setting soon moves from the Polish internment camp, where Niebuhr is responsible for antifascist re-education, back to East Germany, where his training as a printer's devil quickly lands him a position in the printing plant that publishes the newsletter.
Born in Georgia, Harris went to work at age thirteen as a printer's devil on The Countryman, a weekly newspaper published at the Georgia plantation Turnwold, and received much of his education through the help of the paper's owner, Joseph Addison Turner.