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Low-end machine sales soared to unprecedented heights, with 3D printers becoming the 'crown jewel' of the RP industry.
This option was not implemented during testing of the printer, although Esken would like to attach a good quality scanner to the printer (a list of scanners that can be integrated with the printer is available on the Tektronix website).
The printer Nicolo Bevilacqua, for example, furnished his second daughter with a dowry worth 1,000 ducats in books and printing.
If you intend to work with clip art and other graphics, you will also want to check which software formats your printer supports.
The PIXMA iP90v Photo Printer delivers versatility by providing quality output in color and black and white business documents, charts and graphs, as well as stunning photo quality in 4x6 - inches, 5x7 - inches, and 8.
In addition to the price of the printer itself, other costs involve the technology employed.
The iP3300 Photo Printer will also be compatible with such as Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98 and Mac OSX v10.
This not only contributes to the printer's speed and accuracy but also helps reduce wear-and-tear on the print heads, increasing the reliability of the printer.
Resellers and retailers continue to play a significant key role in sourcing for printers, with more than 50% of SMBs in Southeast Asia purchasing printers through these channels.
This new laser printer portfolio with OpenManage(TM) Printer Manager reaffirms Dell's commitment to improving the customer experience by integrating advanced technologies across the product line without increasing cost," said Tim Peters, Dell's vice president of imaging and printing.
announce the development of a Universal Printer Interface -- Brother's latest addition to its BlackBerry(R) printing software for the MPrint(TM) MW-140BT mobile printer featuring Bluetooth(R) wireless technology.
SiteAudit is helping us streamline our printer fleet by eliminating costly printers and providing ongoing data on printer problems that need a quick resolution," said Karen Jones, help desk manager, USS-POSCO, a joint venture company established by U.
Building on its highly successful line of EASYSHARE printer docks, Eastman Kodak Company today significantly grew its at-home printing presence by introducing three innovative products, including universal models that make real KODAK pictures from nearly any digital camera for as little as 29 cents per print.