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A key advantage of Stratasys' Dimension 3D printer is its ABS material, which makes prototypes that resemble the properties of plastics and can be tested for form, fit, and function.
Finally, packaging for the small commercial and quick printer will require shipments of increasingly smaller quantities into the size range of the ever-increasing number of 12 in.
An optional scanner cartridge that allows the printer to also serve as a scanning device.
During the nearly two months that the printer was in use, 1,120 pages were printed, according to a counter that automatically prints the number of pages printed, plus the amount of consumables remaining at the time the printer is turned on.
For a woman to become a printer or publisher, the social equivalent of a harmonic convergence was necessary she had to have a father or husband who was willing to impart knowledge about the business to her; she had to be a widow with either no sons or minor children at the time of her husband's death; she had to be educated and possess managerial and business skills; and she had to have a network of family, scholarly, and business contacts.
A dot-matrix printer can handle perforated forms, allowing you to print invoices and other such documents.
In particular, our track record with mobile printers is second to none and will continue to grow with the introduction of the PIXMA iP90v Photo Printer.
that was spun off into a separate company a year ago to handle Big Blue's printer operations.
Included with the iP1800 Photo Printer is a pigment-based black ink cartridge, allowing for improved text printing without relying on a composite black, plus increased highlighter stability on plain paper.
The iPF8000 printer uses Red, Blue, Green, Gray, Photo Gray, Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta, Photo Magenta, Yellow, Regular Black, and Matte Black LUCIA pigment inks.
SINGAPORE -- Small and medium businesses (with 1-999 employees) across key countries in Southeast Asia are on track to invest more than US$490 million on printers this year.
Answering business customers' call for better network printer management, Dell debuted OpenManage(TM) Printer Manager software as a no-cost feature in its latest laser printer portfolio.
announce the development of a Universal Printer Interface -- Brother's latest addition to its BlackBerry(R) printing software for the MPrint(TM) MW-140BT mobile printer featuring Bluetooth(R) wireless technology.
SiteAudit is helping us streamline our printer fleet by eliminating costly printers and providing ongoing data on printer problems that need a quick resolution," said Karen Jones, help desk manager, USS-POSCO, a joint venture company established by U.