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This photograph was published in 1891 as a nostalgic view by Bristol art publishers and print sellers Frost & Reed.
B2B events' director Helen Martin says: "This is the third event here, but already on site buyers will discover a vintage salon, print sellers, vintage clothing, restaurants and cafes.
He was a collector within easy reach of the great sale rooms, the dealers, the booksellers, the print sellers and the fine art galleries.
Long before machines were invented to grind the paper, French women would purchase waste paper from print sellers and bookbinders and pulp it by chewing - hence the word mache.
Earthtone launches to print sellers in July and to print buyers in September.
We're interested in the games that have printed boards, first made to supplement the income of map and print sellers.
Waghenaer's original Dutch version was engraved by Joannes van Doetecum, one of a famous family of engravers and print sellers.
Collabria's PrintCommerce solution reduces costs and increases efficiencies across the entire supply chain, with measurable benefits to document creators, print buyers and print sellers.
Paris in spring - the chestnut trees in blossom in the Bois de Boulogne, the book sellers and print sellers out along the Seine and the world basking in the first sunshine of the year.