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the period that presses run to produce an issue of a newspaper


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Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany, November 22, 2013 --( Onlineprinters revolutionises its brochure production by printing brochures in small print runs using the "Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress" prototype from C.P.
Christie's South Kensington said Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the most valuable book in the Harry Potter series, with first editions becoming common during large print runs, from The Goblet of Fire onwards.
on working days, selected standard printed products in certain formats and print runs can be produced immediately on the same working day using the new "overnight print" category.
The print run of A Royal Duty will be one of the biggest in American history.
Harry Potter's next adventure will set a record with a first print run of one million copies in hardback, it was announced yesterday.
In related news the US publisher of the Harry Potter series, Scholastic (Nasdaq: SCHL), has said that 10.8 million copies of the new book would be printed, becoming the highest first print run in US publishing history.
Copies in initial Philosopher's Stone 1996 hardback print run
Now author Dave Cartwright - who financed the book himself - is to order a second print run to cope with demand and two of Ward's albums, Bittersweet and Hidden Treasures, have been re-released by record company BMG.
Now available in both versions as a conventional and digital printing plate, Flint Group says the Nyloflex FSC provides superior durability for a softer plate with high print run stability in addition to a long life.
The new edition had a print run of 675,000 and was released this week, published by Doubleday with a recommended price of USD35.
Developed by GMF Flexo Prepress, a prepress and color management firm, Final Print Assurance takes virtual collaboration beyond simple proofing, emulating an on-site press approval, plus analyses during the print run from anywhere at any time.
Faber & Faber has already ordered a reprint of the book on top of the initial print run of 100,000.