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Synonyms for print

Synonyms for print

the visible effect made on a surface by pressure

a visible sign or mark of the passage of someone or something

Synonyms for print

the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication

availability in printed form

a copy of a movie on film (especially a particular version of it)

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a fabric with a dyed pattern pressed onto it (usually by engraved rollers)

a printed picture produced from a photographic negative

put into print

write as if with print

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References in classic literature ?
Having thus provided for my support in prison, I was enabled to introduce myself to my fellow-debtors, and to study character for the new series of prints, on the very first day of my incarceration, with my mind quite at ease.
The first thing in the morning I sent a polite note to Gentleman Jones, informing him that I had abandoned all idea of exhibiting his likeness to the public in my series of prints, and giving him full permission to inspect every design I made before it went out of the prison.
Encouraging myself, therefore, with the belief that this was nothing but the print of one of my own feet, and that I might be truly said to start at my own shadow, I began to go abroad again, and went to my country house to milk my flock: but to see with what fear I went forward, how often I looked behind me, how I was ready every now and then to lay down my basket and run for my life, it would have made any one have thought I was haunted with an evil conscience, or that I had been lately most terribly frightened; and so, indeed, I had.
Multistation process printing system uses interdeck uv curing to print photographic images onto dairy container lids and other flat products.
The print services at the university's main library and computer lab facilities consisted of 22 networked printers, accessible to all 4,440 students, around the clock.
On-demand printing, also widely referred to across the industry as print-on-demand, is a fully digital printing platform that combines the use of images and text created by stored electronic files and traditional printing methods to personalize information and print small quantities cost effectively.
Finally, packaging with labels and wrappers--the print segment not under substantial pressure from digital alternatives--should continue to grow at a faster pace than all other print products.
Print Manager Plus lets the administrator enter a different page cost per printer (such as for more expensive color printers) and account for exact printing costs per user or printer.
is not only about books per se: broadly speaking, it concerns the creation, dissemination, and reception of script and print, including newspapers, periodicals, and ephemera.
For a customer seeking limited quantities, these minimums can turn a print purchase into an unnecessary strain on cash flow, especially if he or she is paying for storage space.
Too much fluorescent powder tends to overwhelm the latent print and the background.
I think print is going to be much longer lived than .
In addition to being able to print this PDF file, the review also explained that UniPrint provides end users with the option to Email or Save the PDF using the UniPrint Client.
DIVERSIFIED PRINTING TECHNIQUES Pad- and screen-printing equipment from Kent Engineering from the new KIPP-90 equipped with a 90 mm enclosed ink cup for one-color applications to the PP-350 with an 800 x 350 mm print area.
printing market Magazines, newspapers, books, advertising flyers--most products that rely on dependable print quality and high volume are offset printed.