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Synonyms for print

Synonyms for print

the visible effect made on a surface by pressure

a visible sign or mark of the passage of someone or something

Synonyms for print

the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication

availability in printed form

a copy of a movie on film (especially a particular version of it)

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a fabric with a dyed pattern pressed onto it (usually by engraved rollers)

a printed picture produced from a photographic negative

put into print

write as if with print

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References in classic literature ?
The first thing in the morning I sent a polite note to Gentleman Jones, informing him that I had abandoned all idea of exhibiting his likeness to the public in my series of prints, and giving him full permission to inspect every design I made before it went out of the prison.
in the two privately printed volumes, the arrangement of which occupied Mr.
1610, a learned Swiss, Isaac Nicholas Nevelet, sent forth the third printed edition of these fables, in a work entitled "Mythologia Aesopica." This was a noble effort to do honor to the great fabulist, and was the most perfect collection of Aesopian fables ever yet published.
Well, it was printed, and she got three hundred dollars for it, likewise plenty of praise and blame, both so much greater than she expected that she was thrown into a state of bewilderment from which it took her some time to recover.
I wish I'd printed the whole or not at all, for I do hate to be so misjudged."
But when his door finally closed behind Anne and Leslie they knew that he went straight to it, and as they walked home they pictured the delight of the old man poring over the printed pages wherein his own life was portrayed with all the charm and color of reality itself.
"I don't think it will be much of a newspaper if it isn't printed," said Dan scornfully.
* Print real-time production information on uncured tread and calendered stock;
Traditionally, advertisers have created and scheduled a single ad to run in both the print and online version of a newspaper.
Plus we're giving you the chance to trial this new service throughout May at an exclusive introductory price of only 25p per 6x4 photo regardless of the quantity you print.
For each search, computers run through millions of possibilities and spit out the 20 records that most closely match a crime-scene print. Forensics experts make the final call on which print is the most likely match.
Bluetooth technology seems to have shed many of its geeky associations, and is becoming the software du jour for wireless headsets and for simplifying how we sync our PDAs and even print. Bluetooth headsets with the noise cancellation feature are quite the rage these days, but they come at a price: They are often as expensive as the phone itself.
Yet, this equity does not extend to those who are print impaired: people who cannot use print due to a visual, physical, neurological, or perceptual disability.
Another plus with digital technology is that it can do "print on demand" orders--short-runs of printed material on quick turnaround.
Print impressions from those old mats spawned an elegant line of placemats.