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Synonyms for principled

Synonyms for principled

in accordance with principles of right or good conduct

Antonyms for principled

based on or manifesting objectively defined standards of rightness or morality

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WebXPRT is a popular, easy-to-use benchmark run by manufacturers, tech journalists, and consumers all around the world," said Bill Catchings, co-founder of Principled Technologies, which administers the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community.
This is a matter of satisfaction that the sacred house took a principled decision.
These are principled individuals, hindi mo pwedeng ihanay sa mga nagmamaktol lang dahil gustong mag-maktol (you should not likened them to brats who just want to act that way),' Zarate said.
Now, he has completely lost the moral authority to speak about principled politics.
I have had several opportunities in the past to go to the bench, and I certainly deeply respect the job that justices do, but I think our country's in crisis and I think we need a strong conservative president who will not appoint not just one, but two, three, four, five Supreme Court justices who are principled constitutionalists," Cruz told host Chris Salcedo of WBAP.
SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates: Advocate and lawyer Amal Clooney told an audience in the Middle East Sunday that governments around the world should be vocal, consistent, principled and transparent about human rights.
But should she decide to become one would be a great asset to it, an ally for one of the few decent, honest, sincere, principled MPs - Jeremy Corbyn, who unlike many of his Blairite colleagues is not insane enough to want to push a nuclear button and annihilate the world.
In a number of areas of Canadian law, including evidence and vicarious liability in tort, courts have moved away from hard and fast rules and have instead adopted principled approaches.
When a commercial business dispute arises, it makes good business sense to begin a resolution with principled mediation at the beginning of the dispute, rather than mediating the case after the close of discovery and before the trial begins.
A friend said: "Kelly is principled and was horrified someone would say that.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russia will defend its national interests and principled position on the key issues, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on its official Facebook page Sunday.
Despite pressing of various clients to fight their cases in Supreme Court, he adhered to his principled stance of not appearing before the former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.
DAVID Cameron wanted to pose as the Lone Ranger of Brussels going down in a blaze of glory in a principled battle over the EU.
Until his disgraceful promotion of The Sun newspaper I thought we had elected a bold and principled leader in Ed Miliband, not afraid to take on the vested interests of the media.
Prime Minister David Cameron said he accepted "with regret" the resignation - which was applauded by all sides at Westminster as a principled decision.
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