principle of equivalence

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(physics) the principle that an observer has no way of distinguishing whether his laboratory is in a uniform gravitational field or is in an accelerated frame of reference

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micro]v] = 0 is inconsistent with the physical foundations of General Relativity as adduced by Einstein in that it violates Einstein's Principle of Equivalence, and so writing [R.
Compensation following a compulsory purchase is based on the principle of equivalence, which means that you should be no worse off in financial terms after the acquisition than you were before.
Manifest in the quest for the "immediacy" of "animated utterance," the written text as faithful transcription of speech signals the presence of copia, "an exact superimposition of the oral on the written frame, a principle of equivalence or interchangeability.
The typical approach in the actuarial literature is to model the interest rate by a stochastic process and price life insurance contracts according to the traditional principle of equivalence, an approach widely accepted under deterministic interest rates.
The commonality between myth and philosophy introduces "the key principle of equivalence," which "refers to the commonality of the various matrices of experience and symbolization as engendered by the constant metaxic structure of consciousness/reality/language in its quest for truth, and by the constant quest for copersonal oneness of persons in communion-other-embodiment" (p.
This last provision violates the classic principle of equivalence that both Mewton and Einstein adopted, Hughes told SCIENCE NEWS.
In deducing his principle of equivalence, Einstein ignored tidal gravitation forces; he pretended they do not exist.
The principle of equivalence for basic facilities Purchaser described in Appendix 2 to the Agreement 14DFZZ105.
At the 2012 AIDS Conference taking place in Washington DC, UNODC will today launch a policy brief that is anchored around two guiding principles, namely that "prison health is good public health" and that a human rights-based approach and the principle of equivalence of health in prisons are key.
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