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the dignity or rank or position of a prince

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territory ruled by a prince


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They would have to transform their vision of a free Palestine from that of a princedom to be ruled by Arab Palestinian "princes" to that of a land of a free people living by moral values.
According to Mahavamsa, the Pali language chronology of Ceylon, Dutthagaminion his way to attack the Tamil King Ellara at Anuradhapura, he met stiff opposition from a Tamil prince, have to continue fighting with him for four months, consequently as a compromise to allow Dutthagamini's troops to march through the Tamil princedom he gave in marriage his mother Queen Vihara Maha Devi to the Tamil prince and Vihara Maha Devi remained as the consort of that Tamil prince till her last days.
In the period from 1830 to 1833 Serbia managed to gain partial autonomy from Turkish rule, and shortly afterwards, in 1841, Belgrade was chosen as the capital of the Serbian Princedom. At that time, the city was clearly divided into two separate parts: the fortress, the city within the Moat and the area outside the Moat, which was nothing but a field covered with swamps and pond scums and straggling villages.
When Machiavelli urges the kingly reader of Il Principe boldly forward, then, he is not envisioning that the result will be a permanent princedom. Instead he is imagining a narrative that expands to incorporate many individual interests.
And every time I travel back and discover more about Spanish products and cuisines, this thought becomes crystallized.My first visit to Asturias -- one of the four northernmost autonomous coastal regions, the other three being Galicia, Cantabria and the Basque, long known for incredible seafood, apples, cider and over 40 indigenous cheeses -- came about through Asturex, International Promotion Office of The Princedom of Asturias, which had organized the trip for their annual export show.
Cesare Borgia (1475-1507), backed by his father Pope Alexander VI (1431-1503), was leading a military campaign whose aim was to carve out his own personal princedom. He had hired Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) as his chief military engineer whose brief was to reinforce the castles and defences in the region as well as to construct a number of revolutionary new military machines, which he had designed in his notebooks.
In 1885, only some years after the establishment of a sovereign Bulgarian Princedom, Methodius's death one thousand years ago was celebrated with particular enthusiasm.
For example, the elimination of a conquered ruler's line, which is so iconic of the prince in The Prince, appears also in the Discourses in a chapter entitled, "A prince is not secure in a princedom while those who have been deprived of it are alive" (3, 4).
The papacy, in order to win its freedom of action from all conciliarist restraints, became a Renaissance princedom, wheeling and dealing in the power affairs of Italy and Europe, and thereby sold out the Gregorian Reform.
(91) Without the support of powerful local princedom to fight her cause, and the arrival of Frederick II in the East to recover his rights over Cyprus and Jerusalem meant Alice's chances for re-empowerment on Cyprus had been irrevocably lost.
The series begins in Dinefwr Castle, stronghold of Welsh princes since the days of Hywel The Good in the 10th century and the heart of the powerful and influential Lord Rhys princedom.
Since the formation of Russian princedom in medieval times, its people have always lived under rule of some principal.
Chlemoutsi and a few other castles like it are all that remain of the Princedom of the Morea, ruled by a dynasty of Frankish freebooters through most of the 13th Century.
The setting for this primal disappointment, "a princedom by the sea" (9), evokes not only Poe's setting for "Annabel Lee" but also the Venice of Thomas Mann and Henry James and the fairy tale venues of Hans Christian Andersen--all points of reference in the literature of obsession.
Not only does he grow Forgetful of his promise to the king, Forgetful of the falcon and the hunt, Forgetful of the tilt and tournament, Forgetful of his glory and his name, Forgetful of his princedom and its cares