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careful or finicky grooming

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She loves preening, primping and playing with locks of hair.
So there's another badge of honour for that primping prince of prima donnas.
The story begins with Evey, a comely minor employee at the state television network, primping for a late-night assignation with her boss, a variety-show host named Deitrich (Stephen Fry).
The amount of primping needed before photography definitely increases with age.
The sex-swap Portuguese bank clerk has spent more time than any other housemate - apart from vain Jason - primping and preening in the past 10 weeks.
In Chippendale-esque fashion, the men take turns primping and preening on pedestals, popping their biceps and rippling their abs.
In the title role, Catherine Malfitano's Southern speech was caricatured, as was her posturing, including a constant primping of her coiffure a la Mac West.
All that sun and surf, all that azure sky, all that free bubbly, all that top-of-the-food-chain privileged ennui, all that primping and posing and fretting about looking one's best, all that sad small chatter in theatres and foyers and parties, all that money; and nobody seems to be even content, let alone pleased with Cannes 2003.
O'Brien's studies have now shown that even radiological clues to such primping with compressed gas are gone within 72 hours.
He wasn't primping specifically for me--Rechy, I'm sure, would primp for the mailman or a troop of girl scouts selling cookies.
replies Link Hogthrob, while primping in front of his shiny tricorder.
You" describes a white woman who is obsessed with primping her hair while standing in front of the narrator, who is understandably annoyed.
Now it looks like he was mainly primping the company for an expected sale.
Distractions cited by respondents included kissing, primping, putting in contact lenses and fighting with passengers.
The Vatican's year-long Jubilee celebrations are expected to bring millions of extra visitors to Rome this year and municipal officials have been primping the city to make it presentable.