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Synonyms for primordium

an organ in its earliest stage of development


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After 25degC growth for 7 d, the mycelia were subjected to 4degC low temperature stimulation treatments for 3 d, and then incubated at 13degC under a 12/12 h dark/light cycle for primordium.
1] (T1); covering at the floral primordium stage with N at 34 kg [ha.
There is no fonnation of perianth primordium in these taxa (Vrijdaghs, 2006; Vrijdaghs et al.
The split primordial group (type 1, duplicate gallbladder) refers to when the cystic primordium splits during embryogenesis and both gallbladders share a common cystic duct.
Primordium formation in axenic cultures of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.
DISCUSSION: The thymic primordium along with parathyroid primordium was observed as an expansion in 6 weeks old embryo, the youngest available in the present study.
A migratory arrest of breast primordium during chest wall development 2.
Normally, the cartilaginous costal primordium of the first coccygeal vertebra joins the vertebral column in early development, and lateral parts get lost through apoptosis, but in some people, they persist and form the pelvic digit (3).
The adrenal primordium and primitive gonad develop adjacent to each other;[sup.
The origin of a lingual thyroid is the result of a failure of the thyroid primordium to descend into the neck.
Due to early development of placental circulation, cardiac primordium appears as a preliminary raw just in front of the head crinkle outside the embryo.
Vascular differentiation and continuity was established early and before emergence of the elongating root primordium.