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right of inheritance belongs exclusively to the eldest son

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The lack of concrete evidence for the existence of primogeniture in Israel leads the author to re-evaluate the nature and purpose of the biblical narratives in which the youngest offspring emerges triumphant.
The essays in section three are grouped under the moniker "Property, Commerce, Travel," and they encourage readers to consider esoteric legal instrumentalities such as the bill of exchange and the law of primogeniture.
Under the rules of succession in Saudi Arabia, power passes from brother to brother under the right of primogeniture among the sons of King Abdul Aziz Bin Saud, the kingdom's founder.
After the Maharwal Khewaji Trust, now Maharaj Harinder Singh Brar's younger brother's son Bharat Inder Singh Brar ( in picture) has also challenged the July 25 judgment saying as per primogeniture law ( the right of the first- born son to inherit the family estate) the property should go to him.
New legislation is due to pass through parliament that will end the system of male primogeniture that gave men precedence over women in line to the throne.
The Government has already begun the process of altering the laws of succession to ensure that the Duke and Duchess's first child will become monarch, removing the ancient rule of male primogeniture, which gave precedence to boys, the report said.
Specific topics include the role of the Siemens family in building a transnational industrial enterprise, the development of primogeniture in a high noble ruling family of Italy, elite political "households" in military patronage states, kinship tropes in the Moravian Church, transregional kinship networks in urban patriciates, the marriage practices of international entrepreneurial families of Imperial Germany, and structural aspects of kinship amongst Indian immigrants to contemporary Britain.
Having been indoctrinated with a sense of family honour and status, and initiated into a culture of conspicuous consumption, the process of primogeniture left many younger sons with insufficient income to maintain the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed.
The thorny issue of primogeniture has occupied governments on and off for years - with individual MPs also making attempts to steer reforms through Parliament, most recently ex-Labour minister Keith Vaz in January.
Currently the principle of male primogeniture means that the first born son would be next in line to the throne, even if he had an older sister.
PRIMOGENITURE, or more accurately "male preference primogeniture," is sex discrimination practised against the Royal family by Parliament.
In Duby's view, this meant that until the late twelfth century, elite French families passed on property by strict primogeniture wherever possible as a way of asserting a linear, patrilineal identity that Duby referred to as 'agnatic'.
Unlike other European elites, who depended on primogeniture to insure the continuity of family lineages, Hurwich has found that before 1650 German nobles preferred to divide their properties among their offspring--a group she calls "a community of heirs"--through various methods of partible inheritance (31).
Gloucester: It means, my lord, that by the ancient law Of primogeniture, the throne is mine.