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an ancestor in the direct line

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First, the Egba are not counted among the original descendants of the Yoruba primogenitor, Oduduwa.
Garamont certainly perfected the form, but Constantin was the primogenitor. Other scholars, such as Nicolas Barker, have doubted this attribution, so Vervliet is ready to fire back: "Barker was beguiled into attributing it to Garamont," he says of another type which he now assigns to Gryphius (p.
Black woman is primogenitor of the human race and her spirit rebounds repeatedly in "Calypso," for "she's a rebel/minting urgent, insurgent government" (p.6).
He states that it seems plausible to assume "at one time the triglyphs did mask the ends of wooden beams," and that "the droplike shapes below, called guttae," seen also in many twentieth-century architecture "are the descendants of wooden pegs (26)" However, form as the primogenitor of function transcended architecture to transportation.
Primogeniture and Primogenitor: Firstborn Child and Mortuary Ceremonies among the Kabana (Bariai) of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea.
We can identify three prevalent lexical fields grouped in these compound words and the clusters they form with other nouns or adjectives: "reproduction," "femininity," and "color." The lexical field of reproduction points to a liquid abundance hard to encompass ("the bodyless fecundmellow voices") and subverts words of their literal meaning: "primogenitor," literally and etymologically referring to a single male ancestor becomes feminized and diffuse ("Wet primogenitive female").
of Don Felipe, the prince, primogenitor of Caesar, who
The primogenitor is Loners on Wheels, which has chapters all over North America, as does its offspring and rival, the Loners of America (LOAs).
So the same rollicking clerics were setting themselves up as landed gentry and passing the fortunes along to their primogenitor sons and heirs.
In some cases, the decision may be predefined by culture (Redding, 1993; Weidenbaum, 1996; Ng, 2000)--the first son or primogenitor. Unfortunately, this may be a child who is, clearly, not up to the job in the parent's view but will nevertheless inherit the business, because this is the family tradition.
Again, here, too, I would point to Poe as the primogenitor of this hyperbolic Gothic text by Conrad.
Hamlet's movement toward the sun symbolizes his desire for a divinely sanctioned monarchy and remind us that he is the "son" who should, by laws of primogenitor, be upon the throne.
Peter Doig's recent paintings, haunted by teen angst, will be up at the Berkeley Art Museum beginning in February, and Richard Prince, primogenitor of said artistic quality, has work on view at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles in late February.
KUALA LUMPUR, April 9 Kyodo After months of blaming pigs for the deaths of more than 100 people during an outbreak of encephalitis in Malaysia, suspicion is now falling on horses as the primogenitor of the disease.
This focus also predestines Spanish poets to never getting beyond their formidable Italian primogenitor.