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Synonyms for primness

excessive or affected modesty

exaggerated and arrogant properness

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It seemed a refreshing change from the confining public primness required by her senatorial candidate father.
Now here we have Rihanna at New York Fashion Week looking the picture of primness in this perfect satin plum midi dress custom made for her by American designer Zac Posen, whose show she was attending.
It winningly inhabits a world of heightened emotion and sexuality not out of place in German theater (where Andrews often works), yet when it comes to actual bodies and sex, there's a primness here that's out of kilter with both play and production.
A year closer to understanding the real meaning of the tango than I was, she was a flame-haired, freckle-faced, clean-socked vision of primness, a gentle goddess and pillar of playing by the parental rule book.
This decision is understandable, but it introduces a primness to the narrative that's a drag.
Darcy represents the immaculate primness of the place to which he belongs.
In framing the recent Lesbian Studies issue on lesbian art, Margo Hobbs Thompson draws on the warning issued by historian Martha Vicinus against the literalness of language: "with historical primness, we have refused to call anybody a lesbian before the late nineteenth century, arguing that the word was not used before then.
or would nod, with Presbyterian primness or urbane complacency, because they had suspected him all along of harboring this dark, youth-corrupting wish to pad around his stately manor home with a youthful sidekick.
Once again, Fauset arrives trailing clouds of prudery and primness, incapable of imagining--much less participating in--moral indiscretion.
But evangelical friendships of the sort I have described would appear to have faded at an even earlier date, the victims of a growing primness among middle-class evangelicals.
These vestry values, as we shall call them, imposed on community by the bureaucratic regimentation of reforming oligarchies, established a monied authoritarian primness, a new snobbery of sanctimonious repressiveness, that rejoiced in scapegoating the poor and prohibiting their folk celebrations.
The essay teases out the complex allusions Swinburne mounts as part of his assault on the moral criticism of the Victorians, their censorship of literature, and even the primness of public school education.
For his part, listening to her string quartet rehearse in the Wigmore Hall, what strikes him about it is this aspect of prim agitation, and this primness depresses him.