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with reference to the origin or beginning

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n] and H acting primitively on [OMEGA] (almost simple case).
The romanticized image of the primitively equipped man, alone in the middle of wilderness, is supported by a variety of contextualizing explanations--the viewer has to empathize with the survivor(s), through an acute realization of how defenceless the man in the wild really is.
Polygons were primitively used in the development of 3D contents for animated effects in interactive video games, and are widely used in film, advertisement, animation production, and other design fields nowadays (Figure 2, Figure 3).
What is more, he wrote in an airy, effortless poetic style, which markedly differed from the then commonplace primitively versed texts in Latin.
Filial cannibalism and egg recognition by males of the primitively custodial teleost Cyprinodon macular ius californiensis Girard (Atherinomorpha: Cyprinodontidae).
In a simple language and stenographic characters, Sabah Naim creates a charming and ambiguous world," says acclaimed artist Mohamed Abla, describing the primitively composed flowers Naim features in her works.
In these patients the clinical manifestations are primitively cutaneous, but are a reflection of psychiatric disorders.
This article discusses the challenges of PD service delivery and proposes practical solutions to promote its effectiveness for countries that primitively use PD as a major health provision for patients with kidney failure.
Direct fitness, reciprocity and helping: a perspective from primitively eusocial wasps.
Hair wrapped in foil was twirled around a kind of sipit primitively heated on live coals (something like that).
In this project I will adopt a novel approach to understand cooperative behaviour in two social insects that have evolved different levels of sociality: the primitively eusocial paper wasp Polistes dominula and the highly eusocial fire ant Solenopsis invicta.
At first, I was exploring it very primitively, by hand, just looking at the way a series of points were being connected in space.
Primitively primal to South America, stevia's leaves have been used for centuries by native peoples in Paraguay and Brazil to sweeten beverages.
dacrytheriids], mixtotheriids, dichodontids, xiphodontids, amphimerycids, maybe some dichobunines): Ms primitively bunodont, quadrate, each with bitubercular distal lobe bearing enlarged metaconule as distolingual cusp.