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any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant

the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface

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With volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of 2.8 pounds per gallon, PPG Aquacron water-based shop primer meets stringent environmental regulations while delivering robust protection in corrosive environments.
As discussed, in rhPCR, a mismatch at or near the RNA base inhibits the ability of RNase H2 to unblock an rhPCR primer. This unique property can be used as a basis for accurate SNP identification--the additional specificity requirements ensure only correct allelic matches are amplified to produce signal.
Caption: PPG's LP primer allows OEMs to compete in premium vehicle segments and maintain the 3-wet compact process cost savings.
Specifically, in traditional leveraction rifles, in most rifle chamberings, use of the right pistol primer routinely results in a significant improvement in ballistic uniformity and accuracy and it dramatically reduces the risk of a misfire.
Advantages of using a Small Rifle primer rather than the typical Large Rifle version are twofold.
Creedmoor brass in the May issue, and I have a couple questions about his findings on small versus large primers. In the chart that is shown, he used H4350 powder, and it appears that the accuracy and velocities were more consistent with small primers.
Nonetheless, application of primer while bonding orthodontic brackets is still controversial.
The results (chromatograms in ABI file format) were analyzed using BioEdit software v7.2.3 (Hall, 1999), MEGA6 (Tamura et al., 2013), and the GenBank BLASTn application to evaluate the quality and authenticity of DNA sequences obtained for both primer reactions.
The template DNA was obtained by PCR with primer pair TF and TR from human genome DNA to obtain 148-bp fragments of the LRRK2 gene.
Our selection of published primer pairs includes those from studies that have informed our current understanding of HRV epidemiology.
Federal recently entered the fray with its Fusion 209 inline muz-zleloading primer. So far, it has done well in my testing.
Primer is an excellent problem-solver that's less like paint and more like glue.