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meridian at zero degree longitude from which east and west are reckoned (usually the Greenwich longitude in England)

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Professor Charles Withers, who is Ogilvie Chair of Geography at the University of Edinburgh, discusses the challenges and dangers of attempting to navigate a world with multiple prime meridians as increased globalization and advances in transportation made the seas busier and brought nations closer together.
In 1884, after other attempts to arrive at agreement had failed, geographers, astronomers, navigators, and politicians from over twenty countries convened an International Meridian Conference in Washington, DC, to propose a single prime meridian "for the good of the world.
It is clear from Visscher's note that the globe reckoned longitude from a prime meridian passing over the islands of Corvo and Flores in the Western Azores.
10) The fact of the contract, and Hondius' production of several globes with the prime meridian passing over Corvo and Flores, provides some support for a theory that Hondius was the maker of Tasman's globe.
Correspondingly, the vertical lines are called meridians, with the Prime Meridian (0[degrees] longitude) being a north-south line which runs just outside the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, UK.
The Canary Islands indeed were used as a longitude reference by the Greeks and in particular by Ptolemy, who located his prime meridian through Hierro, the westernmost island.
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