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In the earlier visit, Romero's primatial authority at the regional level was strengthened by the authority of the universal primate, Paul VI, who, after receiving reassurance from Romero of his fidelity to him as successor of Peter and to the magisterium, took Romero's hands in his and said, "Courage.
The prospect of a form of institutional authority that would be collegial as well as primatial collapsed at the council and seems to have disappeared entirely in the exercise of papal authority ever since.
A Verger The Lord Bishop of London and Dean of Her Majesty's Chapels Royal The Primatial Cross of Canterbury The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, A Verger The Cross of Westminster and Taperers The Chaplains The Minor Canons of Westminster The Canons' Verger The Canons of Westminster
By ancient tradition, metropolitan and primatial authority was always linked to a specific see.
Although in the 1150s and 1160s the papacy appeared to be moving towards recognizing the independence at least of Compostela and probably Tarragona, ultimately the papacy upheld the terms of urban Il's bull Cunctis sanctorum, recognizing primatial authority (26).
KING, Liturgies of the Primatial Sees, Nova et Vetera, Milwaukee 1957, 603s.
This can be seen in the jewelled Primatial Cross of Canterbury, 1883, of silver and silver-gilt and also the jewelled ciborium, 1894, of silver parcel gilt from St Mary, Clapham, which epitomise the era.
SIGHTS: Visit Primatial Palace (pounds 1) - there's a statue of St George slaying a dragon, a hall of mirrors and 17th Century English tapestries which were found 100 years ago stuffed in a palace chimney.
The Spanish primatial cathedral of Toledo possesses one of the largest surviving collections of indigenously produced plainsong sources deriving from any major ecclesiastical institution in Western Christendom.
It was unthinkable and intolerable that the Primatial See of England, Canterbury, should remain vacant, but who was to fill it?
Behind an unassuming appearance, there lies considerable Pastoral experience as a spiritual director of the Seminary of San Paolo, his work as a diocesan bishop and archbishop, followed by eight years in the Roman Curia before being appointed to the Primatial See of San Salvador di Bahia.
Other themes discussed include: Ireland and Rome, conversion to Christianity, the organisation of the early church, the great Easter controversy, primatial claims over the Irish church, the role and power of kings and Columba, Iona and Lindisfarne.
GA notes that this primatial ministry includes "a specific ministry concerning the discernment of truth as an expression of universal primacy".
5, 26) vouchsafed to the hierarch concerning the future of both Armenia's royal and primatial lines (previously the catholicate had also been hereditary).
It does not explicitly grant him the right to make further ordinations, but does state that he should have the primatial dignity in Narbonensis secunda as long as he lives.