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a female gametocyte that develops into an ovum after two meiotic divisions

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Blastocyst development and birth after in-vitro maturation of human primary oocytes, intracytoplasmic sperm injection and assisted hatching.
The ovaries are then dried lightly with sterile paper towels and primary oocytes are recovered from 1-6 mm vesicular follicles.
Immature ovaries could be distinguished histologically from regenerating ovaries by the diameter of the primary oocytes (W.
In some individuals, ovaries contained only oogonia, but in other females at a more advanced stage of development and with larger ovaries, both oogonia and primary oocytes in the perinucleolar stage were present.
In female gonads, ascines contained secondary oocytes and lesser quantities of oogonia and primary oocytes (Fig.
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