primary dentition

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dentition of deciduous teeth

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This is further supported by the evidence that demonstrates a relationship between prenatal maternal smoking and higher incidence of caries in primary dentition.
reported 81% of elementary school teacher respondents were aware that replantation of primary dentition is not recommended (17), corresponding to the 76% found in this study.
In private practice Riva Star will painlessly arrest caries in the primary dentition and facilitate the restoC.
7, 8) This alteration is more common in males than in females and is less frequent in the primary dentition.
5% in the primary Dentition, whereas prevalence in the permanent Dentition seems to be lower (0.
ClinicalandRadiographicEvaluationandComparisonofSix Cases of Fusion Involving the Primary Dentition.
Having a high caries rate in primary dentition means having a high bacterial load of caries- causing bacteria which is difficult to lower.
Dental crowding in primary dentition and its relationship to arch and crown dimensions.
This disorder can occur in the primary dentition but is more common in the permanent dentition.
Childhood is the mirror in which the propensities of adulthood are reflected; similarly the type of occlusion in primary dentition predicts the occlusion of the permanent dentition [1].
1,2) Increased overjet, deep overbite, lateral crossbite and anterior open bite are the most common types of malocclusion in the primary dentition.
They introduce the foundations of anatomical terminology and the basics of dental structures; describe the anatomy and vocabulary of specific teeth; explain primary dentition, tooth development, and form and function; and address the application of head and neck anatomy and how it impacts dental anatomy.
Severe hypothyroidism, such as in the present case, can have deleterious effects on tooth development and eruption, and lead to prolonged retention of the primary dentition, subnormal growth of the maxilla and mandible with a marked reduction in the dimensions of the facial complex, and a lack of coordination between mandibular growth and dental development.
Effects of Dental Caries on Dental Occlusion in the Primary Dentition.