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coil forming the part of an electrical circuit such that changing current in it induces a current in a neighboring circuit

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In summer, the DOAS primary coil cools outdoor air to 53[degrees]F (12[degrees]C), and a reheat coil will raise the temperature to room neutral conditions of 72[degrees]F (22[degrees]C).
2), consisting of a single-turn primary coil (the inductor) and a secondary one, the latter being the equivalent of the whole cylinder with eddy currents.
A primary coil is placed outside the skin opposite a secondary coil located beneath the skin.
The minimum and base static pressures were used to model losses through the primary coil as well as filters and primary duct pressure drops.
The secondary folds lie completely within the walls of the primary coil (i.
A non-contact power supply eliminates the need for maintenance, sending power and data across an air gap between a stationary primary coil and a rotating secondary coil.
The transformer consists of a stationary primary coil and a rotating secondary coil that allows power and data to transfer across an air gap between the two coils.
The manner in which the transformer action of an inductor works is that when voltage is applied to the primary coil, magnetizing current results and produces magnetic flux in the core.
Well, for a transformer designed to transform a given voltage, if the number of turns on the primary coil were doubled, the cross sectional area of the core could fbe cut in half and the overall operation would be the same.
Cut-away graphics of one phase of the iSFCL with primary coil outside (copper, ambient temperature), secondary coil (made up of a stack of HTS modules in a liquid nitrogen dewar), and the central iron core (Photo: Business Wire)
Tenders are invited for Primary Coil Top Copper Part No- 1611637-009 Model No- Thh630 Make Esab
The total flux Ftotal permits to find the dimensions of primary coil that, when the distance between coils and the dimensions of secondary coil (that is powering the active tag) are given, will conduct to a maximal value of the flux generated by the primary coil into the secondary coil when the those two coils are coaxial [4].