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Synonyms for primarily

Synonyms for primarily

for the most part

of primary import

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Streptomycin and gentamicin, for example, are primarily vestibulotoxic, while neomycin appears to be primarily cochleotoxic.
When personal use is fewer than 15 days (or 10% of the total rental period), the vacation home will qualify primarily as a rental, permitting associated loss deductions.
Section 213(d)(2) states that the cost of lodging (up to $50 per night) while a taxpayer is away from home that is primarily for and essential to medical care is deductible.
Anne's five years ago, she used her 15 hours per week to develop and implement music therapy programming primarily for residents with dementia.
This effort primarily reduces command overheads that are beginning to account for more of the 110 overhead at the increased clock speeds that some SCSI enhancements require.
CC) This video supplier does not set suggested retail prices on titles it deems primarily for rental.
Struve argues that it was the primarily the local bourgeoisie's fear of the organized working class which led them to support Nazism, although such support was slow in coming and never complete.
Parkland districts are found primarily in: The Jamaica Bay, Atlantic Ocean and East River (easterly side) areas of Queens; northern Manhattan along the Hudson River and Harlem River, and southern Manhattan along the East River; the Jamaica Bay, Coney Island and Verrazano Bridge areas of Brooklyn; the south shore of Staten Island; and the Long Island Sound and East River (easterly side) areas of The Bronx.
Interest income on loans increased by $886,000 primarily due to the combined effect of an increase in average balance from $238.
6673, a rather infrequently used (but very potent) Code provision that permits the Tax Court, in its discretion, to impose monetary sanctions or penalties if it determines that (1) proceedings have been instituted or maintained by a taxpayer primarily for delay, (2) the taxpayer's position is frivolous or groundless or (3) the taxpayer unreasonably failed to pursue available administrative remedies.
Data sheets are included on various Hartex products, including Hartex 101 low ammonia natural latex, a high quality centrifuged latex designed primarily for processes where low ammonia is preferred; Hartex 103 low ammonia natural latex, primarily used for adhesives and coatings; Hartex 104 ammoniated natural latex, a high-quality, high performance centrifuged latex primarily used in dipped goods, carpet backing and extruded rubber thread; and Hartex 205 high solids natural latex, designed for use in the manufacture of extruded thread, dipped items, adhesives and other applications where purity, color, excellent chemical and me chanical stability, and high solids content are desirable.
When an auditor plans to follow a primarily substantive approach to audit a particular assertion, the knowledge of control procedures obtained when examining the control environment and accounting system is usually sufficient to design sustantive procedures.
The increase from the prior year quarter is primarily due to an increase in total interest income of $883,000, partially offset by an increase in total interest expense of $797,000.
213(d)(2) provides that the cost of lodging up to $50 per night while away from home that is primarily for and essential to medical care is paid for medical care if the care is provided by a physician in a licensed hospital or equivalent facility and there is no significant element of personal pleasure, recreation or travel in the away-from-home travel.