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having existed from the beginning

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This resistance consists of and depends upon the critical agency of the perceiving mind, which the poem labels "the adverting mind" in the lines immediately following the description of "power" as "serene": "And this, the naked countenance of earth, / On which I gaze, even these primaeval mountains / Teach the adverting mind" (98-100).
James Fanshawe, trainer of Primaeval "He looks really well and he ran okay at the last Ascot meeting, but he is at his best on better ground so I wouldn't want it to get too soft.
PRIMAEVAL can reward the decision to remain at seven furlongs rather than return to a mile for Wednesday's Royal Hunt Cup.
James Fanshawe's Primaeval looks a leading hope in the Britannia Stakes, while Gosden's Newfangled is take to win the Albany Stakes, the opening race on Day Four at Royal Ascot.
JAMES FANSHAWE has warned punters to hold their bets on ante-post favourite Primaeval in the Royal Hunt Cup at Royal Ascot next week.
Basking in sunshine, former Byker Grove stars Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly watched on as their horse Primaeval commanded the Wright Joinery Company Stakes during day one of the May Festival at Goodwood Racecourse, Chichester.
Moreover, as Freud remarks echoing Nietzsche, we could go beyond the picture of individual childhood and assert that "in dreams some primaeval relic of humanity is at work which we can now scarcely reach any longer by a direct path" (549).
He had previously posted a good effort when second to Primaeval over seven furlongs at Kempton, form which reads pretty well given the winner''s previous exploits.
In regard to origins, as opposed to the official Uralic, Finno-Ugric version, Hungarians descend either from Proto-Asian people(s) and/or Sumerians, Huns, Scythians, Parthians, Sabirs (60) or according to some newer theories--from primaeval Proto-European (Carpathian-Danubian) populations.
These are ancient primaeval pathways that began to evolve in our forebears' forebears over 400 million years ago (Homo sapiens does not seem to be in a hurry over these matters).
Looking at L and O now, little M wriggling in his dad's embrace in the back garden as he awaits his latest feed, his gums bared in that primaeval howl of disapproval that babies instinctively perfect, I wonder this: how the hell did we get through it all?
is still foreign to children, just as it is to primitive and primaeval man.
It was through this most primaeval material that Sheffer found an outlet compatible with the vehemence of her creative yearning.
These are primaeval instincts that date back to the primitive times when men went out and bashed animals on the head and women skinned and cooked the animals and made clothing out of their pelts.
If the fear of being swamped by the primaeval Bomean hordes has entered, as it were, the cultural genes of elite Bruneians, the format of Brunei Citizenship law betrayed even more the influence of Peninsular Malay fears of being swamped by the immigrant Chinese (though certainly the divided ethnicity and thus worrying "disunity" of the Bruneian indigenous supplied a sufficient local rationale).