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the state of being first in importance

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Share-price primacy has not only ceased to protect CEOs in the way it once did; it has become a threat.
While theorists of grand strategy talk of primacy, in reality the United States is focused more on maintaining the system it created rather than trying to dominate it.
No financial resources were provided for the primacy by General Synod until 1934, and the position remained chronically underfunded for decades.
What's more, shareholder primacy, while a relatively modern view of the purpose of a corporation, has strong underpinnings.
Primacy 4 gets a more squared lateral surface so that it gets a wider contact patch with the road compared to other brands.
Chapters 3 and 4 address the two major results of the conciliar debates and votes: the primacy of the pope and infallibility.
28 February 2017 - UK-based software company Microgen plc (LSE: MCGN) has acquired Canadian trust and fund administration software firm Primacy Corp.
THE Supreme Court on Tuesday grilled the government over the demand for revisiting its 1993 judgment that brought in the collegium system giving primacy to the Chief Justice of India in appointments to higher judiciary and wanted to know how the new Appointments Commission will not impinge upon judiciary's independence.
Primacy in the Church from Vatican I to Vatican II: An Orthodox Perspective.
In this sense, the US-led international order could outlive America's primacy in power resources, though many others argue that the emergence of new powers portends this order's demise.
"We understand the need for primacy of the football club's fixtures and I have no reason to believe that deal can't be offered to the football club, including the requirement of primacy."
Paul McPartlan, A Service of Love: Papal Primacy, the Eucharist and Church Unity.
Shareholder primacy and corporate governance; legal aspects, practices and future directions.
KEMPTON 4.25 Huzzah 4.55 Copperwood 5.25 Conry 5.55 First Warning 6.25 Alutiq 6.55 Surrey Dream 7.25 Primacy. LINGFIELD 12.30 La Estrella 1.00 Conflicting 1.30 Bowie Boy 2.00 Windlass 2.35 Samtu 3.10 Song Of Parkes 3.45 Volito.