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Meanwhile the second defendant Joseph Ikenna Emeka also urged the court in a motion on notice, to quash the two-count charge contained in the information preferred against him, as the proof of evidence does not disclose a prima facie case against him.
1 percentage point differential between black and white test takers do not, as a matter of law, state a prima facie case of disparate impact.
Civil Court denied plaintiff's motion for summary judgment "for failure to establish a prima facie case.
In Price Waterhouse, the plurality opinion and Justice O'Connor's concurrence applied different standards to the plaintiffs prima facie case.
Employers should know, however, that the sincerity of a person's religious belief is generally a question of fact unique to each case, which can make a successful challenge to this element of the prima facie case difficult at the dispositive motion stage.
48 (1964), the Supreme Court listed four requirements for the IRS to make a prima facie case for enforcement of an administrative summons:
The Speaker ruled that a prima facie case of privilege was not made out.
The Third Circuit upheld the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey's ruling that the residents of the neighborhood could make a prima facie case for discrimination under the FHA by showing that the redevelopment plan disproportionately affected the minority residents of the neighborhood.
The investigation committee found a prima facie case of misconduct for Anthony Smith, FCMA, CGMA, to answer in relation to a complaint that he: had failed to provide information requested by a new accountant in a professional clearance letter; had issued a [pounds sterling]1,000 invoice for a "document-release charge" when no other fee was owed by the client; and had failed to deal professionally with the request for professional clearance.
The Commission is of the opinion that prima facie case was made out against WCL and CIL for investigation for contravention of Section 4 of the Competition Act and it is a fit case to be investigated by DG.
The scheme employed by the respondents is a prima facie case of trafficking-in-persons considering the fact that the workers were officially processed for UAE but they were deployed instead to employers in Jordan that are not accredited or registered with the POEA," Cacdac said.
THE European Court of Justice has recently held that an individual with a close connection to an organisation may be capable of making comments which amount to a prima facie case of discrimination.
Sarah Holland, appearing for Dunkley, said: "I accept that there's a prima facie case but I believe the crown still has further investigations to do.
The university's counsel, Richard Gordon QC, said there was a strong prima facie case that the UKBA's decision was unlawful.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court held that a trial court may not consider a defendant's rebuttal evidence when determining whether a plaintiff established a prima facie case.