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a leading female ballet dancer

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While Kolesnikova admits to having tired of the role of Odette-Odile on a tour of South Africa last year, where she took a two-week break from performing, she shows no signs of permanently stepping back from her duties as prima ballerina.
The Brazilian-born beauty has danced Prince Siegfried in Swan Lake and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, but so far his chief partners have been prima ballerinas.
The graceful pas de quatre of the kind once created for 19th century prima ballerinas becomes the ride of the Valkyries with an ageing Alicia Markova look-alike, in stacked eyelashes and high rouge, imperiously condescending to her younger colleagues bef ore toppling over ignominiously centre stage.
They may be dancing with students or what have you, and they're not going to act like prima ballerinas.
Few prima ballerinas are--and not only prima ballerinas.