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a leading female ballet dancer

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Caption: Lita Beiris is a former internationally-known Latvian prima ballerina and, now, the sould of the International Baltic Ballet Festival in Riga;
A former prima ballerina, who is now disabled, has lost a Supreme Court battle for an overnight carer to give her "dignity and independence".
Prima ballerina Masha Ilieva and Deyan (Dance Academy) also gave exquisite performances.
AN elegant piece for a living room, this Art of Movement Prima Ballerina figurine, left, is pounds 32 at House of Fraser.
When artistic director Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) decides to replace prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre (Winona Ryder) for the opening production of their new season, Swan Lake, Nina is his first choice.
So he very publicly terminates the services of prima ballerina Beth Macintyre (Winona Ryder) and chooses Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) as her replacement to lead an erotically charged new staging of Swan Lake.
She has previously turned down roles, including Lolita, which she considered too explicit, but she was determined to take on the role of troubled prima ballerina Nina in 'Black Swan'.
The American Ballet Theatre, which gave Cuba's prima ballerina her start seven decades ago, will stage two performances at Havana's Karl Marx Theater, its first shows on the island in a half century, reports AP (Aug.
Prima ballerina Nina Ananiashvili, 45, took to the stage of the Playhouse while her husband, Grigol Vashadze, Georgia's deputy foreign minister, flew to Moscow in a bid to broker a ceasefire.
Maria Tallchief, a member of the Osage tribe, was a prima ballerina in the mid-20th century.
With a wealth of biographical knowledge and creative thought, Stoneley gives us the odd Jungian archetypes of gay ballet culture, everything from phallic swans to unobtainable fairy lovers, to the cult of the prima ballerina and her tragic role as hyper-feminine object of desire.
Josephine dreams of being in the ballet, but everyone rejects the idea and won't let her--until the prima ballerina twists has ankle on opening day and Josephine at last displays her talents.
Sample topics include the relationship between prima ballerina Margot Fonteyn and her queer fans and the idea of the fairy in folklore, literature, and ballet.
Bussell, Britain's prima ballerina, will collect an CBE.
Yenichek says the Prima Ballerina border, featuring a long-legged black ballerina in a frilly tutu, is the most popular seller so far.